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Health Promotion

Building a healthy campus community

Two students walking on campus

What is health promotion? 

Health promotion at Dal enables members of the Dal community to take control of their health and wellness by:

  • Working with university leaders to build and implement policies to support students’ health.
  • Creating supportive environments and increasing conversations around health and wellness at Dal.
  • Developing programs and resources that support student health and wellness.
  • Strengthening community actions to build an overall healthy campus community.

Our guiding principles 

  • We recognize that we are a part of the bigger health system, in which we appreciate a holistic view of health and wellness (e.g. physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual).

  • We understand and work towards addressing systemic barriers for individuals to achieve their highest level of health.

  • We value research & evidence-informed practice so that we make decisions based upon the needs of the Dalhousie community 

  • We will incorporate planning and evaluation into all of our projects to ensure continuous quality assurance, and fiscal and social responsibility of our work.