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DSU International Health Plan

Student meeting with counsellor at health clinic

About your coverage

All Dalhousie international students are automatically enrolled in the Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) International Health Plan.

The DSU International Health Plan is for international students who don't have MSI coverage (Provincial Health Insurance). It covers general doctor visits, and emergency medical services. Before seeking medical care students must contact Medavie Blue Cross at 1-833-867-3468 to confirm coverage.

Learn more about your coverage, make a claim, and opt-in or out on the Student VIP International website. Find out more about applying for MSI coverage as an international student. 

Get your health plan wallet card electronically

If you are covered under the International Student Health Plan, you can get your health plan wallet card quickly and easily online and through the Peak App!

Your electronic health plan wallet card will be available after the black out period. The blackout period ends the first week of October for students enrolled in the fall term and the first week of February for students enrolled in the winter term.  You can still visit the campus doctor at Dalhousie Student Health & Wellness.

Get details on your plan depending on when you start your studies 

Students beginning in September

All full-time international and exchange students starting their studies at Dalhousie in September are automatically billed and enrolled into two health plans: the DSU International Student Health Plan and the DSU Health & Dental Plan. 

Students beginning in January or May

All full-time international and exchange students starting their studies at Dalhousie in January are automatically billed and enrolled into the DSU International Student Health Plan but must opt in to the DSU Health & Dental Plan. 

Students on co-op or exchange

If you are on co-op or exchange you must opt in to the plan. 

Students on a short-term program or visiting scholars

You do not have automatic coverage and are not eligible to enroll on the DSU International Health Plan but may be eligible to enrol for the DSU International Short-Term Plan.

DSU International Short-Term Plan

Students participating in short-term programs (i.e. ESL programs) or visiting scholars may be eligible to enroll in this short-term plan to cover you for emergency medical situations while visiting Canada.

Participants in this plan will have coverage similar to that of the Provincial Health Care Plan in Nova Scotia (MSI) for which they are not yet eligible. This means coverage for doctor visits, medical emergencies, and many other medically necessary situations that may occur.

Students may opt in manually by completing the form found in the DSU Health Plan Office or may opt in online by visiting Student VIP and completing the online opt-in form.  

Students taking distance courses (exclusively)

If you are taking only distance courses, you must opt in to the plan.