Our most important resource

The members of our department represent our most important resource and are the reason why we are recognized as a world-class centre in oceanographic education and research.

Summary of faculty research interests

Christopher Algar
Sediment biogeochemistry, nitrogen cycling, ecosystem modeling, microbial ecology, deep biosphere
David Barclay
Acoustical oceanography, noise, sediment acoustics, deep ocean trenches
Craig Brown
Seafloor habitat mapping, benthic ecology, acoustic remote sensing
Carolyn Buchwald
Biogeochemistry, marine chemistry, geochemistry
Laura deGelleke
Sediment transport, paleoceanography, biogeochemistry
Katja Fennel
Coupled physical-biological modeling, biogeochemical cycles
Zoe Finkel
Environmental, climate change, structure & function of marine phytoplankton communities & the ocean carbon cycle
Sarah Fortune
Whale foraging ecology, energetic modelling, biological oceanography, ecosystem impacts of human activity
Jonathan Grant
Aquaculture-environment interactions, ecosystem modelling
Alex Hay
Acoustical oceanography, sediment dynamics
Paul S. Hill
Sediment transport, particle dynamics
Dan Kelley
Dynamics of transport and mixing processes
Markus Kienast
Paleoceanography, sediment biogeochemistry
Stephanie Kienast
Paleoceanography, marine particle fluxes, biological carbon pump
Hugh MacIntyre
Phytoplankton physiology and ecology; bio-optics
Anna Metaxas
Ecology of benthic invertebrates, invasive species, deep sea biology
Ruth Musgrave
Physical oceanography, tides, internal waves, ocean mixing
Eric Oliver
Physical oceanography, climate science, climate change
Jinyu Sheng
Ocean modeling and prediction, shelf circulation
Anya Waite
Nitrogen fluxes in polar oceans and particle dynamics in mesoscale eddies
Douglas Wallace
Biogeochemistry, carbon dynamics, deep water ventilation