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An exciting place to work and study

We are a department in the Faculty of Science at Dalhousie University offering undergraduate and graduate programs, research opportunities, and post-doctoral training.  We offer an environment that facilitates wide interaction and encourages an inter-disciplinary approach to discovery, understanding and prediction of the oceans and their critical importance to our lives.

Dalhousie's Department of Oceanography is an exciting place to work and study, where you can participate in world-wide and world-class interdisciplinary research projects and benefit from close interactions with some of the best scientists in their fields.

Dalhousie University: Global Leader in Oceans Research

Watch this video and learn how Dalhousie has been an international leader in marine research and education for more than half a century.

Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1971
  • 110 members
  • 22 full-time faculty, 15 adjunct
  • 16 PDF & RA
  • 18 MSc, 18 PhD
  • 24 research support & technical staff
  • Nearly half our graduate students and research fellows come from countries outside Canada

Our People

The members of our department - faculty, students and staff - represent our most important resource and are the reason why we are recognized as a world-class centre in oceanographic education and research. Learn more about our people and find contact information.

Department History

Dalhousie was one of the first universities in Canada to embrace oceanography in the 1940s. In 1959 we built an Institute of Oceanography and by 1971, we had created a full department. Since then, we've become a world leader in oceanography.

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