Graduate Programs

Oceanographers study every aspect of the world’s oceans, from beaches to the deep sea, from the photosynthesis near the surface to the mud of the ocean floor. Biologists, Chemists, Geologists and Physicists work together on basic problems that also have real-world results: from moving shipping lanes in the Bay of Fundy to protect endangered right whales, to making measurements and constructing models that shed light on global climate change. Students have the opportunity to collaborate with leading experts, to conduct fieldwork around the globe, to experience research at sea, and to participate in basic and advanced classes in all the sub-disciplines of oceanography.

Graduates of the Oceanography programs pursue a wide range of exciting careers in countries all over the world. Opportunities include careers in industry, government agencies and private institutions. Academia, research and development, consulting, policy, management, and alternative careers in fields such as journalism and medicine are just a few of the areas influenced by the oceanographic community.

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