Course Syllabi

Course Number Fall 2023 Course Name Course Syllabus
OCEA 1001 Conversations w/ Ocean Scientists I  OCEA1001 [PDF-285kB]
OCEA 2001 The Blue Planet I OCEA2001 [PDF-258kB]
OCEA 2020 Tools & Concepts in Ocean Sciences I OCEA2020 [PDF-272kB]
OCEA 3001 Intoduction to Physical Oceanography OCEA3001 [PDF-302kB]
OCEA 3002 Introduction to Chemical Oceanography OCEA3002 [PDF-715kB]
OCEA 3004 The Last Billion Years OCEA3004 [PDF-230kB]
OCEA 4120/5120 Physical Oceanography OCEA4120 [PDF-486kB]
OCEA 4130/5130 Chemical Oceanography OCEA4130 [PDF-719kB]
OCEA 4201  Honours Research I OCEA4201 [PDF-714kB]
OCEA 4370/5370 Deep Sea Biology OCEA4370 [PDF-306kB]
OCEA 4401 Marine Management I OCEA4401 [PDF-291kB]
Course Number Summer 2023 Course Name Course Syllabus
OCEA 3003 Introduction to Field Oceanography OCEA3003
Course Number Winter 2023 Course Name Course Syllabus
OCEA 1002 Conversations w/ Ocean Scientists II OCEA1002 [PDF-362kB]
OCEA 2002 The Blue Planet II OCEA2002 [PDF-309kB]
OCEA 2021 Tools & Concepts in Ocean Sciences II OCEA2021 [PDF-294kB]
OCEA 3420  Geochemistry of Aquatic Environments OCEA3420 [PDF-274kB]
OCEA 4000/5004 Oceans & Global Change OCEA4000 [PDF-282kB]
OCEA 4110/5110 Geological Oceanography OCEA4110 [PDF-110KB]
OCEA 4140/5140 Biological Oceanography OCEA4140 [PDF-264kB]
OCEA 4202 Honours Research II OCEA4202 [PDF-278kB]
OCEA 4220 Numerical Modelling of Atmospheres & Oceans OCEA4220 [PDF-457kB]
OCEA 4230/5230 Biology of Phytoplankton OCEA4230 [PDF-295kB]
OCEA 4330 Benthic Ecology OCEA4330 [PDF-328kB]
OCEA 4402 Marine Management II OCEA4402 [PDF-275kB]
OCEA 5241 Special Topics in Oceanography OCEA5241 [PDF-300kB]
OCEA 5290 Advanced Chemical Oceanography OCEA5290 [PDF-452kB]