Restaurants 2023

Less than 30% of Canadians Satisfied with Restaurant Experiences AmidHigher Menu Prices, Agri-Food Analytics Lab Survey Finds

HALIFAX, November 7, 2023 –The Canadian restaurant industry, having weathered the pandemic, now faces a critical juncture as numerous establishments grapple with escalating expenses related to labour, rent, and food. Presently, a staggering 51 percent of restaurants in Canada operate at a loss, marking a substantial increase compared to the pre-pandemic era when the figure was just 12 percent, as recently disclosed by the industry association Restaurants Canada.1 The persistent challenge of operational costs and food expenses continues to plague the sector.

Media Contacts

Dr. Sylvain Charlebois, Director Agri-Food Analytics Lab,
Dalhousie University

Janet Music, Research Program Coordinator
Agri-Food Analytics Lab,
Dalhousie University

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