COVID‑19 Food Price Inflation

More than 2 Canadians in 5 have changed their behaviour to save money at the grocery store compared to 2020.

Halifax, September 29, 2021— Food inflation has been a source of concern for many Canadian consumers for a while in Canada. Based on our observations, the food inflation rate in Canada is close to 5%. Many staples including meat, dairy, and groceries have increased in recent months due to macroeconomic shocks, caused by both unfavourable weather patterns in the Northern Hemisphere and logistical challenges due to the global pandemic. Our latest investigation, in partnership with Caddle, looks at how consumers are coping with higher food prices at retail. More than 10,000 Canadians were surveyed in the Fall 2021 about food prices, how they see prices, and what they are doing to cope with higher food bills.

Media Contacts

Dr. Sylvain Charlebois, Director Agri-Food Analytics Lab,
Dalhousie University

Janet Music, Research Program Coordinator
Agri-Food Analytics Lab,
Dalhousie University

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