Undergraduate Music Studies

The Fountain School of Performing Arts provides a wide variety of programs for students who want to specialize in music studies.  Many music elective classes and ensembles are also available to non-majors who want to increase both musical awareness as a listener and involvement as a performer.

Music Programs

Bachelor of Music (BMus):  Performance, Composition, Musicology, General Studies, Popular Musics

Bachelor of Arts, Music

A four-year program combining the core elements of the Bachelor of Music program with interdisciplinary studies for students who wish to explore music in the context of other fields. A BA Honours in Music is also available, allowing for interdisciplinary study at a more advanced level.

See the Academic Calendar for curriculum and requirements.

Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science Combined Honours and Double-Majors

The BA or BSc Combined Honours with Music programs provide a strong foundation for various professions where a working knowledge of music is desirable, such as librarianship, media programming and production, music industry commercial studio and electroacoustic work, arts management, recreational and therapeutic work, to name only a few.

Bachelor of Arts, Combined Honours

A four-year program, this degree combined Music and another Arts and Social Science subject in preparation for various careers, such as music librarian, media programming and production, studio work, arts management, writing, etc.

Bachelor of Science, Combined Honours

A four-year program, this degree is individually tailored for those interested in combining a study of a specific Science with musical training.

BA or BSc Double Major

A four-year program, the major subject with the most advanced credits appears first on the record.

For Music as first subject: Students must satisfy the department requirements as listed for the 20 credit BA with Major in Music, including 1000 and 2000 level applied study. Students must successfully complete an audition/entrance tests. Please consult with the department for details.

For Music as second subject: Students must audition and take one year of Applied study as well as four credits above the 1000-level, including two credits above the 2000-level.   

See the Academic Calendar for curriculum and requirements.

Cooperative Degree Programs with University of King's College

The following degree programs are offered in cooperation with the University of King’s College:

  • Bachelor of Music with King’s Foundation Year (FYP)
  • Bachelor of Journalism with Music History Option
  • Bachelor of Arts combined honours in Contemporary Studies

Students may also pursue a BA (20 credit) and an honours BA through the University of King’s College. Please consult the University of King’s College (Office of the Registrar) for further information including curriculum and registration details.


Music Electives

See the list of Elective classes in Music

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