In July 2014, the former departments of Music and Theatre joined together to form the Fountain School of Performing Arts.  Funded by a generous $10 million donation by the Fountain family, it is the only university performing arts school east of Montreal and brings a range of new opportunities to students of Music, Theatre and Cinema and Media Studies.

  • Academics: Visit Music Programs, Theatre Programs or Cinema and Media Studies to learn more about our academic programs and classes.
  • Awards:  See the Scholarships and Awards section for details about funding for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Events:  Each season we offer dozens of public events: theatre, opera, concerts, masterclasses, and more.  Our calendar of public events can be found at Our Season.  
  • Ensembles:  Our performance ensembles are open to community members by audition.  If you want to stay musically active, please visit our Ensembles page for more information.


Welcome from the Director of the Fountain School of Performing Arts

Dr. Jacqueline Warwick

Welcome to Dalhousie’s Fountain School of Performing Arts!  We have just completed our sixth year as a performing arts school and there is no better time or place to study and to grow creatively. The thoughtful and generous endowment of the Fountain family that founded our school demonstrates their belief in the value of performing arts; all of us who work and learn here feel validated and inspired by their vision of a performing arts school that brings art to life at Dalhousie, in Halifax, in Nova Scotia, and beyond. 

Through the performing arts, we gain insight and empathy for people like us and for people not like us. Through performing, we learn that we do truly contain multitudes, and we learn to inhabit different souls and different points of view, broadening our horizons and our outlook on the world. The arts are a way for us to express ideas and emotions that are too difficult to put into words alone.

In the performing arts, we work alone and come to know ourselves, and we work together and come to understand community and solidarity. Students at the Fountain School have amazing opportunities to explore, to experiment, and to forge their adult identities as critical thinkers, confident leaders, and insightful creators of living art. They learn how the arts engage public dialogue, promoting understanding across communities, across generations, and across cultures. The arts help us to preserve memory and foster dialogue about the past, and they also express our hopes and visions for the future.