For Faculty & Staff

University Resources

Faculty & Staff Guide
This useful resource includes updates to the Submission of Grades section including links to the Grading Practices Policy, grade submission deadline for Fall and Winter terms and Step by Step Help Guides on how to submit grades and how to change grades in Dal Online.

Syllabus Policy
This policy identifies a core set of information that Senate has determined needs to be included in each course syllabus.

Undergraduate Calendar
Faculty and staff should become familiar with all general university policies, procedures, and deadlines.


Faculty absences

Faculty are required to report any planned and unplanned absences in writing (email please) to the Director with a copy to

Etiquette for faculty & staff


Faculty, students, and staff must always treat each other with respect and collegiality.

Sound Issues

Sound amplification should be used judiciously and with consideration for other activities taking place in the immediate area. Please refrain from using the FSPA Office for meetings or casual conversations.


Faculty, staff and students are expected to observe the standards of courtesy and professionalism that apply to all University communications.   

  1. Write your emails thoughtfully and take time to proofread before sending.
  2. Contentious issues should be resolved in person or by phone, not by email.
  3. Faculty members are encouraged to respond to emails as promptly as their schedule reasonably allows within regular business hours.


Computers for faculty

For part-time faculty who may not have access to a dedicated office computer or home computer, the School can provide shared computers and office space. Please see the FSPA Secretary for room keys and to book shared spaces.  See staff to set up your personal laptop to access one of the network printes. Faculty members are not permitted to use staff computers or printers. 

FSPA office access

The FSPA Office is normally open Mon-Fri from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Students are asked to make every effort to attend to academic business during working hours.  Staff who may be working after hours will not permit student entry except in case of emergency. 

  • For security reasons, students are not permitted beyond the FSPA office counter. Exceptions are made for those on official student society business or student employees.
  • Faculty may access the office any time during building hours.  Please see the Secretary to obtain keys.  No access to staff workspaces is permitted.