Scholarships, Prizes & Bursaries (Music)

In addition to general university scholarships and bursaries, students in Music degree programs are eligible for specific scholarships and awards throughout the academic year. Recipients of scholarships and awards are chosen by faculty unless otherwise stated.

Entrance Scholarships

  • Fountain Performing Arts Undergraduate Scholarships support exceptional students entering full time Music major programs direct from high school. Students must apply by February 9 and audition during the March scholarship dates. See application guidelines.
  • Campbell Incentive Award Scholarships are for students with solid high school grades and outstanding aptitude. No application is required; students are automatically considered based on March auditions.
  • Dr. Don Wright Scholarship of Excellence recognizes exceptional performance ability. No application is required; students are automatically considered based on March auditions.
  • Evanov Radio Group Scholarships support highly talented incoming students. Candidates must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants. No application is required; students are automatically considered based on March auditions.
  • F. Hume Wells and Lawrence & Mildred Ridgeway Scholarships provide funds to students entering a music performance program directly from high school. No application is required; students are automatically considered based on March auditions.

Current Students

These in-course awards are based on GPA and, where appropriate, nominations from faculty members.  An application is necessary for some awards as indicated below.

  • Fountain In-Course Performing Arts Scholarships support GPA achievement of students in Music degree programs
  • James and Abbie Campbell Fund supports in-course musical scholarships ranked by GPA achievement;
  • Effie May Ross Fund is awarded based on GPA achievement;
  • Elisabeth Meyerhof Scholarship rewards a distinguished fourth year instrumentalist;
  • Halifax Ladies Music Club Scholarship rewards a promising first year student;
  • L.D. Currie Memorial Scholarship honours a performer of proven ability;
  • Dr. Don Wright Scholarship in Music recognizes a consistent high level of achievement, with priority for a student who is pursuing music education;
  • William Tritt Memorial Scholarship sends a gifted performer to the Scotia Festival of Music Young Artist Program with their tuition paid;
  • William Tritt Recital Prize is awarded to a piano student who has demonstrated a high level of performance in their third-year or graduation recital;
  • Beatrice Daviss Music Prize is designated for a female student of demonstrated merit as a performer;
  • Ernest and Dorothy Heighton Memorial Prize recognizes performance talent in jazz and improvisation;
  • Evanov Radio Group Scholarship recognizes a student in the BMus Composition program;
  • Ian Lamont McLachlan Award Jazz Scholarship is given to a second year student demonstrating a high level of artistic potential as a jazz musician;
  • Jay / MacLellan Family Music Awards for Music Leadership and Competition - two annual awards are designed to support and advance the careers of students in the music programs of the Fountain School. The Individual Music Leadership Award is for a student in a full time Music program who demonstrates a high level of artistic performance and a commitment to extracurricular activities and leadership in the University and/or musical community. The Jay / MacLellan Competition Award will be used to support students in the Fountain School who demonstrate a high level of performance and require support to attend a regional, national, or international competition or program that is endorsed by the Fountain School. Student will apply in writing for both awards.
  • Ian Perry-Berger Instrument Award is intended to offset the cost of purchase of an instrument needed for study, or to offset the costs of instrument repairs or supplies. Students will apply in writing to the Fountain School's Student Affairs Committee for this award.
  • Dalhousie Alumni Association (Women's Division) awards both a Graduation Medal and Prize for top success in the Bachelor of Music;
  • Idiom-specific in-course awards include the Atlantic Barbership Harmony Award, the Bornoff/Garamie Memorial String Scholarship, the Royal St. Georges Society of Halifax Prize in Music (orchestral instrument),  the Lorne C. Huber Memorial Prize (brass), the James Faraday Memorial Award (percussion), the Elvira Gonnella Scholarship (voice), the Dr. David Peters Music Scholarship (organ/piano, choral music or other church performance), the Tietje Zonneveld Scholarship in Piano Studies, the Professor Ray D. Byham Memorial Prize in Piano Studies, the Erik Perth Memorial Prize (opera/musical theatre), the Owen Maitzen Prize in Music Composition.


Students in financial need are encouraged to apply. See procedures below.

  • The Charles and Mary MacLennan Bursaries in Music are awarded to students in Music who demonstrates artistic excellence in music (vocal, instrumental or other). There are six bursaries valued at $3,000 each.
  • The Kathleen Stewart Memorial Bursary in Music is awarded to an undergraduate student in Music who demonstrates financial need and shows academic excellence as demonstrated by GPA.  Preference is given to students studying Piano or Voice.
  • The Ian Perry-Berger Memorial Music Bursary is awarded to a student in the third or fourth year of a music program in the Fountain School who demonstrates financial need. This award is administered by the Dalhousie Awards Office and awarded in the Winter semester. The value of the bursary is $1000.

To apply for bursaries, students must:

a) Complete and submit an Undergraduate Bursary Application as detailed on the web at
b) Submit a letter of application to the Fountain School's Student Affairs Committee by email at (MacLennan and Stewart bursaries only).

Summer Program Awards

The Fountain School Summer Program Awards offer students the opportunity to gain financial assistance toward summer programs that will contribute toward their studies in Theatre, Music or Cinema and Media Studies. The awards can be used toward relevant international courses run by Dalhousie or special summer programs offered by other universities or organizations in Canada and beyond.