Elective Music Classes

Interested in exploring music's role in society? Want to learn about the history of rock music? How about spending a month in the Czech Republic studying Baroque Culture and living in a castle? The Fountain School of Performing Arts offers a variety of courses for non-music majors.

Please visit the Undergraduate Calendar for class descriptions and pre-requisite requirements (if applicable). Not all classes are offered each year, so please see the Academic Timetable to confirm and to check day and time of the class. Several classes are also offered in summer term.

Please note that some classes (such as voice/instrument lessons) have audition requirements and auxiliary fees, and some classes require the School's permission to register. 

  • PERF 1000.03: Writing About Performance
  • PERF 1001.03: Writing About Music
  • MUSC 2016.03: Topics in Music and Cinema
  • MUSC 2018.03: The Road to Rock 'n' Roll (Fall)
  • MUSC 2019.03: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Era and Beyond (Winter &  Summer)
  • MUSC 2020.03: The History of Jazz (Fall and Winter)
  • MUSC 2024.03: The Guitar: History & Techiques 1 (fall)
  • MUSC 2025.03: The Guitar: History & Techniques 2 (winter)
  • MUSC 2026.03: Modern Guitar 1 (fall)
  • MUSC 2027.03: Modern Guitar 2 (winter)
  • MUSC 2023.03: Middle Eastern Music
  • MUSC 3161.03: Choral Techniques
  • MUSC 3200.03: Russian Music from Baroque to Rock
  • MUSC 3314.03: History of Opera
  • MUSC 3360.03: African American Vernacular Music
  • MUSC 4353.03: Music since 1945
  • MUSC 4354.03: Popular Music Analysis
  • MUSC 4355.03: Narrative Strategies in 19th-Century Music (cross-listed with GWST 4355)
  • MUSC 4356.03: Opera Studies
  • MUSC 4358/4359.03 Studies in Medieval Music
  • MUSC 4360.03: Advanced Seminar in Baroque Culture *STUDY ABROAD*
  • MUSC 4361/4365.03: Topics in Musicology I
  • MUSC 4362.03: Topics in Canadian Music

Other classes in Music may be taken by special permission of the Fountain School. Applied study (individual studio instruction) may be taken subject to an audition and available space.