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Minor in Popular Culture

Students seeking a minor in Popular Culture Studies will be expected to take 3.5 credits beyond the 1000 level, with one full credit at or above the 3000 level, and with no more than 1.5 credits taken in a single department. Pkease consult the Academic Calendar for more detailed information. Appropriate courses can be chosen from the following list (22 credits):

2.5 credits from:

CTMP 2336/CHIN 2052.03: East Meets West in Popular Culture
EMSP 2313: The Vampire
EMSP 2320: Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe
EMSP 2480: The Pirate and Piracy
ENGL 2006: Cultural Studies
ENGL 2080: Cartoons & Comics
ENGL 2095: Narrative in the Cinema
ENGL 2231: Foundations of Science Fiction
ENGL 2232: Contemporary Science Fiction
ENGL 2235: Tolkien: Fantasy & Medievalism
MUSC 2016: Topics in Music and Cinema
MUSC 2018: Popular Music Until 1960
MUSC 2019: The Rock'n'Roll Era and Beyond
MUSC 2020: The History of Jazz
THEA 2360: Popular Cinema

one full credit from:

CTMP 3322: Representations of the Holocaust: Remembrance
CTMP 3305: Modern Film and the Theory of the Gaze
ENGL 3300: TV: Theory & Criticism
ENGL 3301: Graphic Novels
FREN 3750: Littérature industrielle, roman populaire et roman de consommation. - Popular Literature and the Rise of Mass Culture
FREN 3730: La bande dessinée franco-belge - The Franco-Belgian Comic Strip
JOUR 3560: Great Journalists
MUSC 4354: Popular Music Analysis
THEA 2400X/Y: Cave to Café: Costume and Identity from Antiquity to 1700
THEA 2911: Stars and Stardom on Stage and Screen
THEA 3912: Gender Theory and Contemporary Performance
THEA 4391: Special Topics in Popular Cinema