Study Abroad and Exchange Programs

If you are interested in taking courses through a study abroad or exchange program, please consult the list of univeristy-wide opportunities available through the International Centre

Study English in England at University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne

The Department of English also offers its own exchange program with the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (England).  The program is available to any student who

  • wishes to take a full slate of English courses at Newcastle, in either a full year or the winter term (end of January to May)
  • has a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • has completed at least one full year at Dalhousie and will return to complete the degree
  • is prepared for cultural differences and academic differences
  • is a self-starter and independent learner

The School of English at Newcastle-upon-Tyne offers courses in the literature of all periods: British, American and Post-Colonial, with special strength in children's literature, linguistics, film and creative writing.  Exchange students may take lectures and seminars with prominent research specialists. Visit the School's website for more information

Application Process

Complete the application form, which requires:

  • Statement of interest
  • Letter of reference from a professor
  • List of proposed courses (to be confirmed later if you are accepted)
  • Cost of living worksheet
  • Interview with the selection committee

We will accept applications for Newcastle up until February 15 (deadline somewhat flexible). If your application is accepted, you will then be required to apply for admission to the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

British Academic Terms

  • Module = 1-term course
  • Each Module = 200 hours of student effort (30 hours of contact time)
  • Combination of lecture (50 students) and small seminar groups (10-15 students)
  • Each Module = 5 of our credits
  • Full Course load = 3 Modules (15 credits)
  • Stages 2 / 3 = upper-level classes

Things to Consider

  • Credits transfer to Dal as Pass / Fail, not as grades (no impact on Dal GPA)
  • U.K. transcripts with grades must be included in any future applications
  • U.K. grades much lower: 70% is an A
  • You may not be able to satisfy program requirements with these courses