Courses and Seminars

1000-Level English Courses

  • Current course offerings
  • ENGL/CRWR 1030.06 Reading and Writing Stories is a 6-credit hour course offered in a single term and fulfills the College of Arts and Science writing requirement.
  • ENGL 1005, 1015, 1025, 1040, 1050, 1060, and 1100 are all 3-credit hour courses. Any two of these will fulfill the writing requirement as well as the humanities distribution requirement, and will serve as a prerequisite to any 2000- or 3000-level course in English.
  • Courses with numbers that end in -1, like 1041 and 1051, are piggy-back sections.  For example, ENGL1051 is taught by the same professor, usually in the same classroom at the same time, as its larger version, ENGL1050. The difference is that ENGL1051, like all -1 courses, does not fulfill the writing requirement. The courses ending in -1 are meant for students who already have other means of fulfilling the writing requirement and of earning a prerequisite to upper-level English classes. The -1 classes are offered for those interested in the subject matter. NOTE: You cannot take both the writing and non-writing requirement versions of the same course for credit.

Upper-Level Courses and Seminars in English

  • Current course offerings
  • Upper-level courses include all undergraduate courses and seminars at the 2000, 3000, and 4000 levels.
  • In order to register for any 4000-level seminar, students must receive permission from the department.  Contact Mary Beth MacIsaac to inquire about registering for 4000-level seminars.

Summer Courses in English

  • Current course offerings
  • Summer course offerings include any ENGL courses taught at any level during the summer session from May to August.
  • Summer courses are chosen in October each year. To inquire about what summer courses will be offered contact Mary Beth MacIsaac.

Undergraduate Courses in Creative Writing

Graduate Seminars in English

  • Graduate Seminar Offerings
  • Only graduate students may register for 5000-level seminars.
  • Graduate students in diciplines other than English may contact the graduate secretary to inquire about taking English 5000-level seminars.