Why study here?

Dalhousie’s IDS department is one of top development studies programs in Canada and is considered by Maclean's to be a standout program at Dalhousie.

The philosopher Slavoj Žižek said that we are living in the “end times” threatened by “four horsemen”: ecological degradation, imbalances in the capitalist system, biogenetic revolution, and severe social and economic inequities.While this might feel apocalyptic, it is a call to action

The IDS’ approach understands that to meet the world’s most difficult challenges, one’s vision must be inter-disciplinary and global.

Expertise - Dalhousie brings distinct kinds of expertise together:politics, culture, health , environment , gender, sexuality, , race and sports. Our program offers a rarely seen geograhical diversity. Our professors work in Canada, Africa, Asia and Latin America. It has a special niche when it comes to specific regions/ countries like Cuba, Bolivia, South Asia, Sub -Saharan Africa and even research netherworlds like North Korea

Diversity - Diversity comes through in our teaching as well. Moreover, IDS offers a unique blend of theory and practice. It focuses on experiential learning as much it does on philosophical/theoretical discussions. It has pioneered courses like ‘Development and Activism’ which has been nationally acclaimed, as well our course “Halifax and the World” explores the linkages between the local and the global.                                   

Study Abroad Programs - The department gives students an opportunity to be a part of the longest-running Canadian development studies study abroad program in Cuba. Many students’ lives have been changed through this amazing experience. A study abroad opportunity is similarly available in India, Ecuador, and Ghana.

Interculturalism - Studying IDS at Dalhousie is also about intercultural realtions and being a global citizen. The department has welcomed students and researchers from all over the world, and facilitates IDS students to do internships and to study at Universities in Africa, Asia and Latin America

Truly Dalhousie IDS is a wonderful academic experience for students, an experience further enhanced, as many student testimonies attest, by the close-knit community, our excellent IDS support staff and exciting learning opportunities