Global Health

Village Health Worker

What it is:

Health is at the heart of international development.  Not merely the abscence of disease, Global Health is about understanding the unecessary inequities that make societies sick. Climate change, poverty, gender dynamics, and working conditions all manifest into health conditions that ensure well being for some, and suffering for others.   

What we do:

Professor Huish researches how it is possible to ensure quality health care to even the most vulnerable communities in the world.  Looking at medical training programs in the global South, with special attention to Cuba, Dr. Huish's research shows how by investing in people to take care of other people, we can make the world a healthier place, even when it comes to emergencies like Ebola 

How you can learn:

Consider taking INTD-3115 a popular course that explores the theory and practice of Global Health.  Students conduct research on current health issues, and also work to assist village health workers.  

Where you can go:

Students who gain experience in Global Health are well positioned to work for non-profit organizations or government health authorities.  Pursuing graduate-level training or degrees in health sciences such as medicine or nursing are options as well.