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What it is:

International Development Studies offers an interdisciplinary thesis-based Master’s Degree.  Our program offers support for students to engage in a wide range of research subjects and methods.  Recent graduates have explored themes in Global Health, Gender Equality, Colonialism, and other areas.

Candidates study theory, research methods and design, development practice and write a thesis. To learn more about the admission process and deadlines, please check the IDS Graduate Program Handbook.

What we are doing:

Our graduate students study a wide range of important research topics in International Development.

Recent Master’s Graduates Patrick Balazo and Hyeyoung Kang completed their degrees with support from the Killam Foundation.  Financial support for our graduate students is also available through Canada Graduate Scholarships Program and the Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship program.

Our Master's graduates have carried on to exciting career paths in the International Development Sector, the private sector, and even with the Privy Council of Canada.

Learn more:

Professor John Cameron is the graduate coordinator for International Development Studies.  Contact him with any questions or inquiries about our program.  

Get Engaged:

To start your journey into graduate studies, you can apply online here.