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Dr. Robert Huish

The Place of Geography in Global Health

Geographic Illiteracy isn't just embarassing, it's unhealthy.

In a Webinar to the Consortium of Universities for Global Health , a U.S.-based organization of 145 institutions that address Global Health Challenges, Professor Huish discusses the importance of Geography in Global Health, and the dangers of Geographic Illiteracy...especially from the Whitehouse.

You can check it out here.

Dr. Nissim Mannathukkaren

Poverty and Public Sectory Reform in India

Prof. Mannathukkaren's work is included in this new World Bank report.

Prof. Mannathukkaren's work, "The ‘Poverty’ of Political Society: Partha Chatterjee and the People's Plan Campaign in Kerala, India" in Third World Quarterly was cited in this new report by the World Bank.  


Dr. John Cameron

Career Paths for IDS Grads:

The results are in! It is good news for IDS!

A new study by Rebecca Tiessen and John Cameron debunks the "barista myth" by demonstrating that our graduates find well-paying, and often exciting, jobs.

Check out these exciting findings here

Dr. Emily Kirk

Cuba's Gay Revolution

Normalizing Sexual Diversity Through a Health-Based Approach.

Dr. Emily Kirk's new book explores Cuba's unique health-based approach to change attitudes and policies regarding sexual diversity (LGBTQ).

This cutting-edge work offers a unique perspective into sexuality in the Cuban revolution, and it begs the question as to what other nations can learn from this important example.  

Order your copy here. Use code LEX30AUTH17 to receive 30% off the regular listed price.


Dr. Robert Huish

North Korean Sanctions

How to make smarter sanctions against North Korea.

The full article is available for free here.

Winner of the 2017 Canadian Naval Memorial Trust Essay Award, Professor Huish argues that maritime sanctions against North Korea do not work.

Instead of targeting Kim Jong Un himself, or denying much needed food aid to the North Korean people, sanctions should be aimed at those outside of North Korea who are making a profit with the regime.

For more information about Prof. Huish's work on North Korea, click here.