Schedule an Accommodated Quiz, Test, Exam

If you require accommodation for a quiz, test or exam, you must submit a request to secure invigilation services. Whether you require accommodations for any or all of your quizzes, tests, exams, each must be scheduled separately.

Complete the online request form no later than 7 days from the date of your quiz/test/exam scheduled during the fall and winter term and 4 business days (excludes holidays and weekends) for all spring and summer courses.

NOTEThe online request form must be completed by November 17 for the December exams period and March 22 for the April exams period.

Dates for in-term quizzes, tests and exams can be found in your syllabus. December and April exams dates are set by the Registrar's Office.


  • The deadline to book quizzes/tests/exams during the fall and winter academic term is 7 days (7 days include both weekdays and weekends)
  • The deadline to book quizzes/tests/exams during the spring and summer academic term is 4 business days (does not count holidays and weekends)
  • If you do not meet these deadlines, we will be unable to schedule you.
  • If your form is late you may be required to take your quiz/test/exam with your class.

Review the expectations about Exam Bookings.

How to Request Testing Accommodations

The following steps will walk you through how to make a testing request via Accommodate:

Step 1: Log in to Accommodate
Step 2: Select “Test/Exam Booking”  
Step 3: Click “New Booking Request”
Step 4: Select the course you wish to book for
Step 5: Select the date for your exam. Set the time range as the start and end time of the exam
Step 6: IF you’re booking a final exam (Dec/April) please select “yes”
Step 7: Click “No” when asked if you would like to “Override Course Length"
Step 8: Select “Halifax Campus”
Step 9: Select the testing accommodations you would like to use for the exam
Step 10: Click “Check availability”
Step 11: From the list of possible times, select the start time of your exam
Step 12: You will be prompted to fill in information about your exam. Fill into the best of your ability
Step 13: Hit submit
Step 14: Review “Pending Booking Requests” to make sure your request was submitted. If the request you made does not show please complete the request and make sure to hit “submit”

For information on the step-by-step booking process, you can also watch our exam accommodations video. The Accommodate Student Guide may help to answer additional questions you have about the system.