What to Expect

The following information outlines what you can expect when writing an accommodated quiz/test/exam with the Centre:

What to bring:

  • Your DalCard or another government-issued picture ID to confirm your identification.
  • Only material authorized by your instructor will be allowed in the exam room (e.g., notes, calculators, cue sheets). 
  • Personal belongings such as jackets and backpacks are not permitted in the exam room.
  • Electronic devices are not permitted unless the device is part of the accessibility plan or authorized by the instructor.

Arriving for your exam:

  • You are to arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of the quiz/test/exam.
  • If you arrive more than 30 minutes late you will not be permitted to start the quiz/test/exam and your instructor will be notified. 
  • If you arrive within 30 minutes late, you will be permitted to start the quiz/test/exam. Writing time will be deducted for any late arrivals.
  • Evening exams will have their start time adjusted to allow students to finish by 10pm.
  • You will write in an individual room, or in a small group at one of our external locations on campus (e.g. McCain, Dalplex, Mona Campbell, Killam Library).

During your exam:

  • Clocks are located in each room to enable you to keep track of time during the quiz/test/exam. 
  • Invigilators will confirm your accommodations before starting your exam. If there is a discrepancy, ask to speak with an advisor.
  • Once the quiz/test/exam begins, you are to remain in the Centre until its conclusion.
  • Stop-time breaks will be recorded and the end time will be adjusted accordingly.
  • At the conclusion of the quiz/test/exam, place all materials in the envelope provided. Seal and sign your name across the seal.

Academic integrity:

  • If you are granted permission to write your exam before or after the scheduled quiz/test/exam for the class, do not disclose or seek any information about the exam.
  • If you are suspected of committing an academic offence, the lead invigilator will be notified and you will be asked to stop writing your quiz/test/exam. Your instructor will also be notified and a report will be submitted on behalf of the Centre.

All accommodated exams are subject to Dalhousie’s official exam regulations.