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Pets of Dalhousie: Meet the pets of ORS

Posted by Communications, Marketing and Creative Services on March 12, 2021 in Community Highlights

Get to know the many pets who live with members of Dal's Office of Research Services.

(Find information on how to submit your own pet's profile at the bottom of this profile)

Sue Haydt, Research Grants Facilitator, Research Service

Name:  Ruby
Nick name:
 Sweet Potato
Species/breed: Dog (Pug)
Age: 13
Fave food: All of it. And especially whatever you are eating. 
Special tricks: Opening cupboard doors.
Best quality: She's super charming.

Caroline Sequeira, Research Grants Officer, Post-Award, Research Services

Nick name:
Species/breed:  African Senegal Parrot
Age: approximately 15 years young
Fave food:  Walnuts, Almonds
Special tricks:  Intelligent.  Knows when I am getting ready for work (offsite and in-home), says ‘ba-bye’, ‘will be right back’, ‘see you soon’ and ‘give me a kiss’
Best quality: Loves silence – but is the noisiest little bird when no one pays attention

Esther Akinkugbe, Legal Advisor, Research Services

Nick name:
 Un Poco Loco, Poc Poc, Mi-Mi
Species/breed: Aussiedoodle (aka poodle mutt)
Age: 2 years
Fave food:
  Anything that falls off the hoomans’ table
Special tricks:  twisting my body into impossible positions
Best quality:  I give my hooman the best snuggles
Social media platform or handle:
errrrr what’s that?

Nancy Hayter, AVP Research Services

Nick name:
  Snow / Goofball
Species/breed:  Shorthair buff and white coloured cat (beautifully marked, a show cat in another life)
Age:  7 years?  She came into our lives 5 years ago from the SPCA.
Fave food:  Greenies (Chicken Flavor, Hairball Control)
Special tricks:  Dances on her back legs when she gets very excited.
Best quality:  Listens to political opinions from her humans without commenting or passing judgment.
Social media platform or handle: 
None, but occasionally makes a Twitter appearance on Caturdays.

Sara Murphy, Research and Development Coordinator, Research Services

Nick name:
Fave food:
  Chicken or Cheese
Special tricks:
He can sit the same way as humans can on the couch, turn on the TV with the remote, jumping
Best quality:
Loves to snuggle
Social media platform or handle:  
He’s a country dog and doesn’t like to be distracted by social media, prefers the admiration of others in person while he is on walks

Cheryl Paris, Research Officer & Animal Care Coordinator, Research Services

Nick name:
 Reggie/ Reg
Species/breed: Cockapoo
Age: 12 weeks
Fave food: Puppy treats!
Special tricks: Potty trained (Rings bell to go outside), Sits/Lays down on command, Rolls over for treats
Best quality: Puppy breath
Social media platform or handle:
IG: reginaldarthurparis

Annie Laroche, Research Grants Officer, Post-Award, Research Services

 Bosco (dog) / Batman (cat)
Nick name:
 Bosco-reeno / Kitty (très original)
Species/breed: Rescue Mutt Extraordinaire / Adopted Cat Wonder
Age: 7 / 9
Fave food:  He’s part lab, so any food is his fave food / Ice cream
Special tricks: Curling up to any smallness in order to squish onto the couch with his people / Playing fetch with hair elastics
Best quality:  The jig he dances when he greets us / Enthusiastic head rubsSocial media platform or handle: So many squirrels / birds, so little time!

David Spurrell, Manager, Grants and Contracts, Research Services

Names and Breeds:

Left – Ricky Bobby (a retired racing greyhound)

Middle – Alma (a Galgo, aka Spanish greyhound)

Right – Marco (a Podenco)

Age: Ricky Bobby (10.5 years old), Alma (3 years old), Marco (5 years old)
Fave food:
  Ricky Bobby (cheese and cheeseburgers), Alma (bologna), Marco (strawberry yogurt)
Special tricks:
  Ricky Bobby (table begging), Alma (prancing), Marco (giving high-5)
Best quality:
  Ricky Bobby (soft caramel blonde fur), Alma (couch snuggles), Marco (shrill bark and bone-shaped patch on back)

Cynthia Sawler, Research Administrator, Institutional & International, Research Services

   Suki and Henley
Nick name:
 Suki - Peapod because she’s so tiny / Henley - Cookie Monster because he is constantly begging for treats!
Species/breed:   Siamese / Himalayan
Age:  both 8.5 years old
Fave food:
  Treats - Whiskas Temptations
Special tricks: Suki - Stealing small items, bug detecting and getting her own way when she flashes those baby blues.

Henley – Banister walking which is quite difficult considering those big furry slippers, and demanding to drink from tap!

Best quality:  Unconditional love.

Cali Goud, Ethics Support Specialist, Research Services

 Hamlet / Macbeth
Nick name:
 Ham / Mac
Species/breed: Norwegian Forest Cats
Age: 3 / 2
Fave food:  Tuna and Turkey / Caledon Farms Choice Chunk Cat Treats (yes, he’s very specific)
Special tricks:  Knows “sit”, “speak”, “up”, “paw”, and “roll over” for treats / Will roll over for Choice Chunk Cat Treats ONLY
Best quality:  Intelligent and Independent / Affectionate and Adventurous

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