Undergraduate Student Handbook

Download the 2023-24 Undergraduate Handbook  [PDF]

Students are urged to study all general rules and regulations concerning them in the university's academic calendar and in the FSPA undergraduate handbook. It is the responsibility of students to be aware of all matters relating to the curriculum standards and graduation requirements pertaining to degree programs.

Academic and performance policies

From methods of assessment to plagiarism, ensembles to graduation recitals, you'll find the policies and procedures you need to know about studying at the Fountain School of Performing Arts. Learn more about our academic and perfomance policies.

Class information

Whether you're looking for a classroom, or the time of your ensemble, or Apprenticeship application forms, we've provided links to the websites and documents you need to navigate your schedule. Learn more about currently offered classes.

Communication requirements

How do we contact you?  What's the best way to get in touch with us? Find answers to these questions as well as the policies and etiquette for department communications. Learn more about FSPA communication requirements.

Exams and juries

Most Music exams and juries are scheduled by the Fountain School independently of the Registrar's Office. Be sure to carefully follow the scheduling and policies outlined by the School. Learn more about exam and jury scheduling and policies.


Music majors are required to participate in ensembles. Non-majors and elective students enrolled in an applied study class (instrument or voice) are encouraged to participate.  Learn more about participation in ensembles.

Facilities and resources

Many facilities and resources are available to FSPA students. Please respect the guidelines and policies regarding their use. Learn more about facilities and resources.

Student Societies

There are several student societies in the Fountain School of Performing Arts.  Learn more about:
Dalhousie Theatre Society
Society of Dalhousie Music Students
Dalhousie Costume Society
Dalhousie Cinema & Media Studies Society

Undergraduate program guidelines

When are the Acting program auditions? When do you need to apply for a Music concentration? What are the standards you need to achieve? What program options are available?  Please visit the program pages:

Cinema & Media Studies

Forms and Guidelines

Scholarships & prizes

Recommendations for all scholarships, prizes, medals and awards for FSPA students are the responsibility of the Student Affairs Committee whose decisions in this regard are final.

See more details in the Scholarships section of the FSPA web site.

Tickets for Fountain School of Performing Arts events

Students enrolled in Music and Theatre Degree programs and Applied Study Electives receive free admission to most FSPA stage productions and ensemble concerts. Mandatory attendance may be required at some events. Please check with your class professor. For most stage productions, there is a student preview night and admission is first-come, first-served.  For most music concerts, students must visit the FSPA Office to obtain a complimentary ticket. Students will be advised via the Bulletin Boards and e-mail notices regarding other free events, special price events or workshops offered by the FSPA or any other communication organization.