Dal ID

Students must include their Dalhousie ID number (B00...) in all correspondence and especially with regard to Student Advising.

Student Contact Information

Students are responsible for keeping their contact information (email, mailing address, and phone number) updated on Dal Online.


The university will assign all students and faculty members an official e-mail address. THIS IS THE ONLY EMAIL THAT WILL BE USED FOR COMMUNICATION REGARDING ACADEMIC AND ADMINISTRATIVE MATTERS. The FSPA Office sends regular email notices to students and faculty regarding academic issues, student job opportunities, concert announcements, etc. Please visit MyDal for detailed instructions on how to activate your Dalhousie email account, and optionally how to forward that address to another account. 

Personal mail/phone calls

Students should not direct personal mail and phone calls to the FSPA Office.


Students must submit and retrieve class assignments directly from the class professor or TA. The FSPA Office will accept late assignments only. FSPA staff are not responsible for the loss of any class assignments submitted to the FSPA Office. There is a locked mailbox on the office door (514) for after-hours drop off of late assignments.

Communications with Class Professors

Students are asked to contact professors directly. Messages called in to the FSPA Office will be conveyed to the professor's mailbox only. For reporting class absenses, please see Student Declaration of Absence Procedures.  


Sound Issues - Sound amplification should be used judiciously and with consideration for other activities taking place in the immediate area. Please refrain from using the FSPA Office for meetings or casual conversations.

Email - Students, faculty, and staff are expected to observe the standards of courtesy and professionalism that apply to all university communications.  

1. Write your emails thoughtfully and take time to proofread before sending.

2. Contentious issues should be resolved in person or by phone, not by email.

3. Faculty members are encouraged to respond to emails as promptly as their schedule reasonably allows within regular business hours.