Exams & Juries

  • Students are reminded NOT TO MAKE TRAVEL PLANS during the University's official examination dates:  December 8-19, 2023 and April 11-23, 2024. Travel plans are not considered acceptable grounds for rescheduling of exams or juries.
  • A student requesting an alternative time for a final examination other than for a Registrar’s exam conflict will be granted that request only in exceptional circumstances, such as illness (with medical certificate) or other circumstances outside of the control of the student.  Elective arrangements (such as travel plans) are not considered acceptable grounds for granting an alternative examination time. 
  • The decision whether to grant a student’s request for alternate examination time lies with the instructor as does the responsibility for making the alternative arrangements.  See the Undergraduate Calendar for further regulations governing University examinations.

Music exam policies and scheduling

Please note: Music exam and jury times are subject to change. Not all classes have exams and some exams are in-class. If your class is not listed on the music exam schedules (see Useful Downloads on bottom right of screen), please consult with the instructor.

  • Due to the nature of music exams and juries, the majority of these are scheduled by the Fountain School of Performing Arts independent of the Registrar’s Office exam schedule. 
  • In the event that an exam or jury scheduled by FSPA is in conflict with an exam scheduled by the Registrar’s Office, the Registrar’s exam schedule shall take priority and the Instructor shall make alternative exam time arrangements for any students affected. 
  • No alterations in the exam schedule may be made without consultation with the Director of the Fountain School.
  • No ensemble rehearsals shall be held during the official university exam period without permission of the Director of the Fountain School.

Applied Juries

  • No alteration of the jury schedule may be made without permission of the Director of the Fountain School.
  • Students in the following BMus programs will play a Fall Term jury but NOT a Winter Term jury: a) BMus Performance students enrolled in MUSC 3199 and MUSC 4199 recitals; b) BMus General students who elect to do a half-recital as part of their MUSC 4599 graduation requirement (audition required).
  • The Jury Foreperson is responsible for: a) drawing up and posting the specific Jury schedule; b) obtaining the appropriate Jury Forms from the FSPA Office; c) returning the completed forms to the office for filing; d) contacting the other Examiners to reconfirm their attendance. 
  • Jury Examiners' remarks may be read to the student by their Instructor or by the School Director, but the Examiner's name remains confidential. Office staff are not permitted to read Jury sheets to a student, nor may they give them to the student, even at the request of the Instructor.

Jury Examination Panels (2023-24)                    

Voice B. Allison*, N. Jordan, C. Townsend
Guitar D. Reach*, S. Macmillan, L. Perez
Piano P. Allen*, TBA
Organ N. Cockburn*, P. Allen
Strings L. Perez*, S. Walt
Woodwinds P. Creighton, C. Feierabend, B. James, E. Walsh*, C. Mitchell
Saxophone C. Mitchell*, S. Macmillan, J. Blais
Brass J. Brownell*, E. Bellman, D. Moulton, C. Mitchell
Percussion M. Morton,* T. Roach, J. Blais
Composition J. Blais, A. Brandon*, P. Allen