Fountain School Photo Challenge

"A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead.”
Graham Greene, novelist and author

The Spring 2024 Fountain School Storytelling Photo Challenge is now closed! Please review the entries and cast a vote for your favourite photo here:

Thank you for participating!


If you are a Fountain School student, alum, faculty or staff, you are invited to submit your photo. This year’s theme is: Faces & Places.

Submit your creative storytelling photographs by April 5th, 2024 at noon. Here are some inspirational "hints”:
- Create abstract stories with an ambiguous or unclear image that is thought-provoking and makes the viewer think. Let the viewer imagine multiple stories and arcs.
- Tell your story, documentary style, by capturing moments created anytime and anywhere, inspired by places, people or events that move you.

Your photos will be displayed on the 5th floor of Dal Arts Centre on April 5th and on our website with a link to an online poll. You all get to choose the $100 prize winner. Voting poll will be posted on this page on Apairl 5th and shared in our weekly newsletter The Loop.

The online voting poll will be open from Friday, April 5th to 12 noon on April 9th, 2024. The $100 prize winner selected by the Fountain School community will be announced at 3:00 PM on April 9th at our Spring Social (details to follow).

Rules of Entry

  • You must be a Fountain School of Performing Arts student, alum, faculty member (current or retired) or staff member to participate.
  • Each person may only submit one photograph or image in a "jpeg" format. 
  • For the purposes of our competitions, a photographic image is defined “as being a captured image on a light-sensitive device (e.g. film camera, digital camera, smartphone, tablet, etc…) and recorded on film or in a digital format.”
    An artificial intelligence (AI) generated image is not deemed to be a photographic image because it was created from scratch by the AI system and contains no image captured by the photographer.  Therefore, this type of image will not be accepted into our competitions.
    Use of AI features contained within a post processing application (e.g. masking, sharpening, de-noise, enlarging, etc…) are permitted.

Photo Rights and Usage

By entering your photo or image, you’re giving Dalhousie University’s Fountain School of Performing Arts permission to use it and print your full name in the Fountain School's Storytelling Photo Contest display wall, on Dalhousie-operated websites and on Dalhousie-operated social media accounts. All photos and images used will be given credit appropriately.


Upload image:
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If you encounter an issue with your submission, please contact Tatjana at or Lucas at