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Society of Dalhousie Music Students

The Society of Dalhousie Music Students ensures that music students get the most out of their university life at Dalhousie. With social events, fundraising projects, and as a liaison between the university, students, faculty and the community, the Society is committed to the betterment of music student life at Dalhousie. With a council comprised of executive and representative members, the Society of Dalhousie Music Students provides social and academic support for all music students in the hopes of bringing talent to the broader university community.

Contact us at sdms.exec@gmail.com or find us on Facebook.

SDMS Executive for 2017-18

Stephen Fewer and Rianna Robinson
VP Internal Dilshan Weerasinghe
VP External Jessica MacIsaac
VP Administration Kathryn Wagner
Community Outreach Maddie Tucker
Reps are elected at start of school year