Andrew Fenton

Associate Professor

Andrew Fenton


  • Fall 2022
    PHIL 3051

  • Winter 2023
    PHIL 2810

Office Hours

Mondays and Wednesday: 12-30-1:30pm.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions on campus, masks are required when visiting my office.
If you need to reach me, please use my email address:

Phone: 902.494.3538
Mailing Address: 
Room 3131, Marion McCain Building
Dalhousie University
6135 University Avenue
PO Box 15000
Halifax, NS B3H 4R2
Research Topics:
  • Animal Ethics
  • Naturalized epistemology
  • Neuroethics
  • Philosophy of animal behaviour and cognition


  • PhD, Philosophy, University of Calgary
    Thesis title: "Aping the substantive epistemic subject? In search of epistemic equals in the genus Pan."
  • M.A., Philosophy, Dalhousie University
    Thesis title: Does Fido know that the cat is on the mat? An account of, and response to, Externalist Reliabilism."
  • B.A., (Hons) Philosophy and Comparative Religion, Acadia University
    Thesis title: "Plantinga and the Rationality of Theistic Belief."


Select Journal Publications:

  • Vaughan Black, Andrew Fenton, and Elisabeth Ormandy. Protecting Canada's Lab Animals: The Need for LegislationAnimals 2022; 12(6): 770
  • Vaughan Black and Andrew Fenton. Humane Driving. The Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence 2021; 34(1): 11-28.
  • Andrew Fenton. Holding animal-based research to our highest ethical standards: Re-seeing two emergent laboratory practices and the ethical significance of research animal dissent. ILAR Journal 2020; online.
  • Andrew Fenton. A moderate Buddhist animal research ethics. Developing World Bioethics 2019; 19(2): 106-15.
  • Fenton, Andrew.  "Can a Chimp Say "No"? Re-envisioning Chimpanzee Dissent in Harmful Research". Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 2014;23(2):130-139
  • Fenton, Andrew. "Neurscience and the Problem of Other Animal Minds: Why It May Not Matter So Much for Neuroethics."  The Monist 2012; 95(3): 463-485
  • Krahn, Timothy and Fenton, Andrew.  "The Extreme Male Brain Theory of Autism and the Potential Adverse Effects for Boys and Girls with Autism."  Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 2012; 9(1):93-103.
  • Fenton, Andrew.  "On the need to redress an inadequacy in animal welfare science: toward an internally coherent framework."  Biology and Philosophy 2012; 27(1):73-93.
  • Krahn, Timothy and Fenton, Andrew.  "Autism, Empathy and Questions of Moral Agency."  Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour 2009; 39(2);145-66.
  • Fenton, Andrew.  "Buddhism and neuroethics: the ethics of pharmaceutical cognitive enhancement."  Developing World Bioethics 2009:9(2):47-56.
  • Fenton, Andrew; Meynell, Letitia; Baylis, Francoise. "Ethical challenges and interpretive difficulties with non-clinical applications of pediatric fMRI."  The American Journal of Bioethics 2009; 9(1):3-13.
  • Fenton, Andrew; Krahn Timothy.  "Autism, neurodiversity and equality beyond "the normal."" Journal of Ethics in Mental Health 2007 2(2).
  • Baylis, Francoise; Fenton, Andrew. "Chimera Research and Stem Cell Therapies for Human Neurodegenerative Disorders."  Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics. 2007;16:195-208.

Select Chapters

  • Fenton, Andrew. Decisional Authority and Animal Research Subjects.The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Animal Minds, edited by Kristin Andrews and Jacob Beck. New York: Routledge, 2018: 475-84.
  • Doan, Michael; Fenton, Andrew. "Embodying autistic cognition: Towards re-conceiving certain 'autism-related' behavioural atypicalities as functional."  The Philosophy of Autism, edited by Jami L. Anderson and Simon Cushing.  New York: Rowman and LIttlefield Publishers, Inc., 2013: 47-71.
  • Fenton, Andrew.  "Re-Conceiving Nonhuman Animal Knowledge Through Contemporary Primate Cognitive Studies"  Philosophy of Behavioral Biology (Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science) edited by Kathryn S. Plaisance and Thomas A.C. Reydon.  New York: springer, 2012:125-146.


  • L. Syd M Johnson, Andrew Fenton, and Adam Shriver, eds. Neuroethics and Nonhuman Animals. New York: Springer, 2020
  • Kristin Andrews, Gary Comstock, G.K.D. Crozier, Sue Donaldson, Andrew Fenton, Tyler M. John, L. Syd M Johnson, Robert C. Jones, Will Kymlicka, Letitia Meynell, Nathan Nobis, David M. Peña-Guzmán, Jeff Sebo. Chimpanzee Rights: The Philosophers’ Brief. New York: Routledge, 2019.