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The Dalhousie University Department of Philosophy is one of the most active and supportive philosophy departments in Canada. Our program will prepare you for any career because philosophy is the ultimate transferable skill.


This Week's Colloquium:

Date: Friday, June 14th
Presenter: Neb Kujundzic, Dean of Arts, UPEI
Title: "the Philosopher Dean"

The colloquium is held every Friday beginning at 3:30 pm  in Room 1130 of the Marion McCain Building (unless otherwise indicated). During the first hour a paper is presented. In the second hour, questions and discussion take place.

Part Time Academic Postings

Deadline for application: June 26, 2019


Welcome to recipient of the Banting Fellow:
Dr. Trystan Goetze

"Investigating the role of intellectual accountability in a world of fake news and extremis"

Our Faculty

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The Department of Philosophy faculty members are highly respected and award winning researchers and academics with expertise in diverse fields of study. They have published and presented internationally. To learn more individual faculty members, search Our Faculty.


Tyler Hildebrand's paper "Scientific Practice and the Epistemology of Governing Laws" has been published in the Journal of the American Philosophical Associationhttps://philpapers.org/rec/HILSPA-3

Emily Bingeman (PhD student) has been accepted to a three week seminar in Bogota Colombia this summer  

In May, Duncan MacIntosh participated in The Inaugural Workshop of The Programme On The Ethics And Law Of Trusted Autonomous Systems, sponsored by Australia's Trusted Autonomous Systems Defence Cooperative Research Center, and held at Oxford's Center for Technology and Global Affairs. His remarks were entitled "Trusted Autonomous Systems and Moral Control".

Duncan MacIntosh's paper, "We Have Met the Grey Zone and He is Us", was recently mooted at the conference, Challenging the Grey Zone: The Changing Character of Warfare and the Application of International Law, held at the Judge Advocate General's (JAG) Legal Center and School in Charlottesville, Virginia

Darren Abramson is a successful applicant for the Compute Canada 2019 Resources for Research Groups (RRG) competition with the title "Finetuning Gutenberg for Language Understanding". Results of the 2018 Competition can be found here.