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The Dalhousie University Department of Philosophy is one of the most active and supportive philosophy departments in Canada. Our program will prepare you for any career because philosophy is the ultimate transferable skill.



As of March 18, 2020, the Philosophy Department will be closed; and administrative staff will be working from home for the time being.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at dalphil@dal.ca during this time.


In light of the COVID-19 precautions and self-isolation, until future notice, the colloquium will be presented in on-line format via Zoom.   Link will be live at 3:00 pm, colloquium will begin at 3:30 pm, as usual.

This Week's Colloquium:

Date: Friday, July 10, 2020
Presenter: Rob Stainton, Department of Philosophy, Western University and Alex Barber, The Open University
Title: "Linguistic Prescriptivism"  

The colloquium is held every Friday beginning at 3:30 pm  in Room 1130 of the Marion McCain Building (unless otherwise indicated). During the first hour a paper is presented. In the second hour, questions and discussion take place.

Part-time Academic Postings

Our CUPE Part-time Academic Postings for Fall & Winter are now listed at  www.dal.ca/careers. You can also access each posting as follows:

FALL 2020



Where do I begin?

Light in maze

The basic skills practiced in philosophy are the very skills demanded and rewarded in the most lucrative, influential professions. Start your journey by registering for a first-year course or pick a second-year course in an area of interest to you.


The Speak Truth to Power Forum on Friday, june 5th.  

Duncan MacIntosh, Chair of the Philosophy Department, is interviewed by Genevieve MacIntyre in a video introducing the Philosophy Department and its Programs to prospective students

Congratulations to Erik Nelson (PhD), who had his article published in The Conversation.

Congratulations to Tiffany Gordon (PhD) who is part of the Dalhousie OpenThink. Tiffany will be writing a monthly blog on philosophy/race/feminism.

Letitia Meynell did an interview with Kevin Schneider about the amicus curiae briefs that she co-wrote with other philosophers for the Nonhuman Right Project. The interview can be found here.

Congratulations to Cameron Yetman for winning this year's University Medal in Philosophy, awarded annually to the student who graduates with the highest GPA in a philosophy degree program.

The Department is pleased to announce that Caroline Vardigans and Cameron Yetman are co-winners of this year's Hilton Page Prize, awarded annually to the student who wrote the best Honours Essay. Congratulations Caroline and Cameron!

Congratulations to Letitia Meynell, who is a co-principal investigator (with Ford Doolittle) on another successful New Frontiers Research Fund grant application, for a project called: “Testing 'It’s the song, not the singer(s)': microbiomes to Gaia”.