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The Dalhousie University Department of Philosophy is one of the most active and supportive philosophy departments in Canada. Our program will prepare you for any career because philosophy is the ultimate transferable skill.



Although the office of the Philosophy Department is closed; administrative staff and department members continue to work from home.
If you have any questions, or require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at dalphil@dal.ca during this time.


In light of the COVID-19 precautions and self-isolation, until future notice, the colloquium will be presented in on-line format via Zoom.   Link will be live at 2:15 pm, colloquium will now run from 2:30-4:00.

Friday, April 16th , 2021
Presenter: Eric Hochstein, University of Victoria
Title: "When Pluralisms Collide"

Registration Open - Summer 2021  

Course Offering: Philosophy 2120 - Philosophy in Pop Culture
Instructor: Lissa Skitolsky
Please Note: Date/Times may be updated.  Be sure to consult the timetable for updates.


Where do I begin?

Light in maze

The basic skills practiced in philosophy are the very skills demanded and rewarded in the most lucrative, influential professions. Start your journey by registering for a first-year course or pick a second-year course in an area of interest to you.


Congratulations to Trystan Goetze (Banting Fellow), who has accepted a 2-year Post-Doctoral position at Harvard University's Embedded EthiCS program.

Trystan Goetze's (Banting Fellow)  paper "Moral Entanglement: Taking Responsibility and Vicarious Responsibility" was recently published in The Monist.

Trystan Goetze (Banting Fellow) book review of C. Thi Nguyen's Games: Agency as Art has been accepted by The Philosophical Quarterly.

Tyler Hildebrand’s paper (with Thomas Metcalf) “The Nomological Argument for the Existence of God” has been published in Noûs

Please find the March 25th, 2021 Irving Glovin Lecture: "Africana Jewish Studies" with guest presenter Dr. Lewis R. Gordon, for those who missed it.  

Please find the link to the condensed, edited video of Lissa Skitolsky's book launch/benefit show on Jan. 21 including some remarks and a few performances by local artists

Lissa Skitolsky was featured on CBC Mainstreet speaking about How an American professor came to Nova Scotia to get away from a changing nation

Lissa Skitolsky had a chapter published in Critical Perspectives on African Genocide: Memory, Silence, and Anti-Black Political Violence (Rowman & Littlefield International). The chapter is titled “American Slavery, The New Jim Crow, and Genocide.”   

Vaughan Black and Andrew Fenton. Humane Driving. The Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence 2021; 34(1): 11-28.

The Philosophy Department welcomes our new postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Chris Lean. Funded by the Moore Foundation, Chris is working with the Evolutionary Gaia Group, under the supervision of Ford Doolittle. Welcome Chris!

We are pleased to share the news that the President’s office has confirmed Dr. Tyler Hildebrand’s application for tenure and promotion to Associate Professor, effective July 1st, 2021.  Congratulations Tyler!!

Duncan MacIntosh’s paper, “Fire and Forget: A Moral Defense of the Use of Autonomous Weapons Systems in War and Peace” has been published in a volume MacIntosh co-edited with J. Galliott and J.D. Ohlin, Lethal Autonomous Weapons: Re-Examining the Law and Ethics of Robotic Warfare (Oxford, 2021).

Duncan MacIntosh's paper, “Protecting Democracy by Commingling Polities: The Case for Accepting Foreign Influence and Interference in Democratic Processes”, has been published in D. B. Hollis and J. D. Ohlin, eds., Defending Democracies: Combating Foreign Election Interference in a Digital Age (Oxford, 2021).