Reasons to Study Philosophy

Why Study Philosophy

Philosophy asks fundamentally important questions—concerning knowledge, value, existence, ethics, race and gender, truth and justice—that have enduring relevance in everyday life. Anything and everything can be questioned in Philosophy, no matter how complex or difficult the subject. Philosophers then propose and examine various possible answers to such questions, using careful and systematic reasoning.

What can I do with a Philosophy degree?

The basic skills practiced in Philosophy—clear and critical thinking, logically cogent argumentation, and writing, to name a few—are the very skills demanded and rewarded in the most lucrative and influential professions. Philosophy majors are highly regarded by law schools, medical schools, and in graduate programs generally, not least because Philosophy majors typically excel on professional school exams like the LSAT, MCAT, and GRE.

Reasons to study Philosophy at Dalhousie:

  • Philosophy students rate highly on LSAT, GRE and MCAT examinations—at the same level as physics or engineering students.
  • Engaging courses such as Philosophy of Sex and Love; Epistemology; Philosophy of Language, Ethics and Health Care; Contemporary Feminist Theories; Philosophy and the Black Experience; Philosophy of Law;  Scientific Reasoning; The Good Life.
  • Accessible professors, who are dedicated to enhance student learning.
  • Professors who are highly regarded researchers.
  • A collegial, supportive community.
  • An active undergraduate student society, which meets regularly and provides opportunities to publish at the undergraduate level.
  • An ongoing colloquium series held every Friday afternoon, year-round, where professors and students gather together for lively philosophical exchange.
  • Options for disciplinary or subspeciality minors.
  • A range of options for majors and honours.
  • A well-respected graduate program with an impressive placement record, (80%).

See the Philosophy rack card.