Philosophy asks fundamentally important questions—questions concerning knowledge, value, existence, ethics, race and gender, truth and justice—that have enduring relevance in everyday life. Students will learn to think deeply, systematically, rigorously, and productively about profound issues of life that affect us all.

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Academic Timetable - 2023/2024


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  • Our Doctoral program concentrates on developing well-rounded philosophers with specialist depth, who are confident presenters of their work.
  • The great majority (approximately 80%) of our PhD graduates have received tenure-track appointments or continuing appointments, either in academia or in the public sector (e.g. as hospital bioethicists).


  • Our MA program is small and selective. This means it can provide our students the opportunity to receive individual attention, and to develop courses of study suited to individual interests.
  • There are typically six to ten MA students and four to six PhD students in the program at any given time. All graduate students participate in undergraduate instruction through Assistantships and/or Instructorships.
  • About half of our MA graduates choose to continue their studies in Philosophy, and nearly all of them go on to strong PhD programs in Canada or the United States.


  • The Undergraduate Program offers a number of options to introduce you to the study of Philosophy.  We encourage you to speak with the Undergraduate Advisor for assistance in mapping out your courses.
  • For those students who intend to specialize in Philosophy you should take an honours degree, and must consult with the Honours Advisor.
  • Many undergraduates have continued their philosophical studies at top graduate programs, and philosophy students consistently score extremely well on LSATs, MCATs and GREs.