PhD Alumni

Please find below our PhD graduates, with a brief biography

Emily Bingeman - PhD Dalhousie 2020

Emily is the McCain Post-Doctoral Fellow at Mount Allison University
Thesis:  Epistemic Responsibility: on the Relevance of Feminist Epistemology to Mainstream Epistemology

Katie Stockdale - PhD Dalhousie 2017

Katie is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at University of Victoria
Thesis: Oppression and the Struggle for Hope

Samantha Copeland - PhD Dalhousie 2015

Samantha has accepted a position as University Lecturer (tenure track) in the Philosophy & Ethics of Technology division at Delft Technological University.
Thesis: The Case of the Triggered Memory: Serendipitous Discovery and the Ethics of Clinical Research

Eve Roberts - PhD Dalhousie 2015

Eve is an Associate Fellow, History of Science and Technology Programme, University of King's College,
Thesis: System-driven research: legitimate experimental design for biological/biomedical research.

Warren Heiti - PhD Dalhousie 2014

Warren is a Professor in Philosophy & Religious Studies at Vancouver Island University
: An Ethics of Attention

Michael Doan - PhD Dalhousie 2014

Michael is an Associate Professor in Philosophy at Oakland University.
Thesis: Complacency and Motivational Vice

Adam Auch - PhD Dalhousie 2012

Adam is a Writing Advisor at the Dalhousie Writing Centre
Thesis: "Show Me How You Do that Trick" Reconciling Linguistic Naturalism and Normativism

Meredith Schwartz - PhD Dalhousie 2011

Meredith is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Ryerson University. 
"Respect and Health Care Ethics: Respect, Social Power and Health Policy"

Christina Behme - PhD Dalhousie 2011

Christina has been hired as a fulltime instructor in the Philosophy Department at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.
: "Cartesian Linguistics: From Historical Antecedents to Computational Modeling"

Ami Harbin - PhD Dalhousie 2011

Ami is an Associate Professor of Philosophy and Women and Gender Studies at Oakland University.
Thesis: "Disorienting Responsibility"

Lisa Kretz - PhD Dalhousie 2008

Lisa is an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy, at the University of Evansville.
Thesis: "Reconceptualizing the Ecological Self"

Victoria Seavilleklein - PhD Dalhousie 2008

Victoria is a Clinical Ethicist in Alberta Health Services’ Central Zone and a Clinical Lecturer with the John Dossetor Health Ethics Centre.
Thesis: "The Values and Practice of Prenatal Screening in Canada"

James Anderson - PhD Dalhousie 2007

James Anderson is a Bioethicist for The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada; and an Assistant Professor in the Institute for Health Management, Policy and Evaluation, the University of Toronto.
Thesis: Clinical Research in Context"

Jenna Woodrow - PhD Dalhousie 2007

Jenna is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Thompson Rivers University.
: "Luck and Responsibility"

Kira Tomsons - PhD Dalhousie 2006

Kira is an instructor in the Department of Philosophy at Douglas College in New Westminster, British Columbia.
: "Oppression: A Conceptual Analysis"

Christy Simpson - PhD Dalhousie 2001

Christy is the Head and Associate professor in the Department of Bioethics at Dalhousie University.
Thesis: "The Intersections of Hope, Health, and Illness: Moral Responsibilities of Health Care Providers"

Carolyn McLeod - PhD Dalhousie, 1999

Carolyn is an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Western Ontario. She is also an affiliate member of the Department of Women's Studies and Feminist Research, and a member of Rotman Institute of Science and Values.
Thesis: "Self-Trust and Reproductive Autonomy"

Nancy Salay - PhD Dalhousie, 1998

 Currently in both the Philosophy Department and the School of Computing at Queen’s University.
Thesis: "Reconciling a Naturalistic Theory of Meaning with Intentions: The Causal/Conceptual Approach"

Wayne Fenske - PhD Dalhousie, 1995

Wayne is a faculty member in the Department of Philosophy at Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Thesis: "A New Theory of Noncognitivism"

Susan Dimock - PhD Dalhousie 1994

Susan is a Professor in the Department of Philosophy, York University. S.
Thesis: "Personal Autonomy"

Bob Bright - PhD Dalhousie 1991

Bob was an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy, University of Manitoby until 2006.  Currently, he is the owner and operator of Vancouver Island Digital Imaging.
Thesis: "Foundations of Utilitarianism"