Emeriti and Adjuncts


Françoise Baylis, emerita
Education: BA (Mc Gill '83), MA, PhD (University of Western Ontario '84, '89)
Interests: Genome Editing, Women's Health, Assisted Human Reproduction, Health Policy, Public Health
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Selected PublicationsEmail: francoise.baylis@dal.ca

Richmond Campbell, emeritus and adjunct
Professor (retired)
Education: BA (Harvard '64), PhD (Cornell '70). 
Interests: Moral and Political Philosophy, Epistemology, Philosophy of Biology, Feminism
email: richmond@dal.ca


Susan Sherwin, emerita and adjunct
Professor (retired)
Education: BA Hons (York '69) PhD (Stanford '74) Post Doctoral Fellow (University of Cleveland '73-74)
Appointed to Member of the Order of Canada (2015)
Curriculum Vitae
email: susan.sherwin@dal.ca


Nathan Brett
Professor (retired)
Education: BA (New Hampshire '65) MA, PhD (Waterloo '68,, '72)
Interests: Philosophy of Law, Ethics, Theories of Human Nature, Modern Philosophy
email: nbrett@dal.ca
Steven Burns
Professor (retired)
Education: BA (Acadia), MA (Alberta), PhD (London)
Interests: Wittgenstein, Plato, Aesthetics, Political Philosophy
email: burns@dal.ca
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Tom Vinci
Professor (retired)
Education: Ba (Toronto '71), PhD (Pittsburgh '77)
Interests: Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, History of Modern Philosophy, Decision Theory
email: vinci@dal.ca
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John Barresi
E-mail: jbarresi@dal.ca
Sylvia Burrow
email: sylvia_burrow@cbu.ca
Lisa Gannett
email: Lisa.gannett@smu.ca
Andrew Kernohan
email: kernohan@dal.ca
Stephen Maitzen
email: smaitzen@acadiau.ca
Gordon McOuat
email: gmcouat@dal.ca
John Schellenberg
email: john.schellenberg@msvu.ca
Michael Watkins
email: watkigm@auburn.edu
Sheldon Wein
email: sheldon.wein@gmail.com