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Our Graduate Students

PhD Students




Emily Bingeman

BAH in Fine Art and Philosophy, ( U. of Guelph); MA in Philosophy, (Dalhousie)

:  Feminist Epistemology,  Social Epistemology, Ethics

Awards: SSHRC Doctoral Award (2014-2018), Fish-WIKS  Doctoral Award (2014-2018) Killam Pre-Doctoral Scholarship,(2014-2017);   Kim Rilda LeBlanc Memorial Award in Healing and the Arts essay prize (2016); CSWIP Jean Harvey Graduate Award, (2016)

Research: My main area of interest is the ethics and politics of epistemic practice.  In particular, I am interested in identifying structural barriers to proper epistemic credit attributions in testimony reception, and in exploring strategies for addressing these barriers.



Tiffany Gordon

(BA York, MA McMaster)

Specialization: Philosophy of race, ethics

Awards: Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship


Jamaal Hyder

(BA UVic; MA, Dalhousie)

: Philosophy of language, Social Epistemology, Reid, Wittgenstein

Awards: Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship (2015-2019); Presidents' Award (2015)

Erik Nelson

(IBA Dalhousie, MA Concordia)

Specialization: Logic, virtue ethics

Awards:  Special Provost Alumni Scholarship

Katie Stockdale

(Honours BA, U Western Ontario; MA, Dalhousie)

Specialization: moral psychology; normative ethics; feminist philosophy

Awards: Douglas Butler Memorial Essay Prrize (2012);  Mushkat Memorial Award (2013)Killam Pre-doctoral Scholarship (2013 renewed); Presidents' Award (2013-2015); Joseph Armand-Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship (2014-2017);  SSHRC Outstanding GPA Recognition Award (2014), Residential Dissertation Fellowship, Cornell University (2016-2017)


MA Students

Katherine Bark (BA Trent)
Interests: Philosophy of language, Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein, Ryle

Annie Haider (BSC, Dalhousie) Part-Time
Interests: Ethics, expecially Virtue Theory and Kantian Ethics

Bethany Hindmarsh (BA King's)
SSRRC CG Scholar
Interests: Environmental Philosophy, Foundations of Human Rights, Arendt, Weil

Andrew Lopez(BA CSU Fullerton)
Interests: History of Philosophy, Wittgenstein, 20th Century analytic, metaphysics, ethics

MacGregor Malloy (BA Dalhousie)
Interests: Political Philosophy, Game Theory, Logic, Philosopohy of Biology