Graduate Students


Derek Andrews

BAH, Queens; MA, Waterloo/Mannheim; MA, Laurier.
Specialization: Ethics/Bioethics, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Medicine

Awards: SSHRC Doctoral Award (2019), Traves Bursary (2019)Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship; Special Provost Alumni Scholarship (Hon)

Research:My research interests are focused on questions around personal identity, the nature of mental disorders, and healthcare access issues for marginalized populations. My doctoral research examines the tension between Canadian law on medical assistance in dying and the goal of maintaining and supporting patient autonomy for persons with mental health conditions. 



Emily Bingeman

BAH, U. of Guelph; MA, Dalhousie
Specialization:  Feminist Epistemology,  Social Epistemology, Ethics

: SSHRC Doctoral Award (2014-2018), Fish-WIKS  Doctoral Award (2014-2017) Killam Pre-Doctoral Scholarship,(2014-2017);   Kim Rilda LeBlanc Memorial Award in Healing and the Arts essay prize (2016); CSWIP Jean Harvey Graduate Award, (2016), Nova Scotia Innovatio Scholarship (2017-2018)

Research:  My dissertation uses tools from feminist epistemology and disability theory to develop a constructive critique of ability centred accounts of knowledge.


Tiffany Gordon

BA,York; MA, McMaster
Specialization: Social and political thought, philosophy of race, feminist philosophy

Awards: SSHRC Doctoral Award (2019) Traves Bursary (2019) Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship; Special Provost Alumni Scholarship (hony), Dalhousie IMPACT Award Recipient (Student Activist of the Year)

Curriculum Vitae

Jamaal Hyder

BA UVic; MA, Dalhousie
: Social and Feminist Epistemologies, Reid, Wittgenstein

Awards: Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship (2015-2018); Presidents' Award (2015-2017; Killam Predoctoral Scholarship (2017-2019)

On Leave of Absence

Erik Nelson

BA, Dalhousie; MA, Concordia
Specialization: Philosophy of Psychology, Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Language

Awards:  Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Doctoral Award, (SSHRC)  (2018), President's Award (2018), Special Provost Alumni Scholarship(Hon)

My research draws from contemporary developments in machine learning and philosophy of language to better understand animal cognition.

Clarisse Paron

BSc, MA; University of Alberta
Specialization: Bioethics, Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Race

Awards: NSGS


Laura Roth Millman

Specialization: 'social nature of belief acquisition'; Epistemology, Feminist Philosophy, naturalized philosophy.


Rachel Banks 
interests: Bioethics, Political Philosophy and Critical Race Theory

Char Harrison
interests: details to follow

Taylor MacLeod-Warren (BA, Dalhousie)
Interests: Moral and political Philosophy

Continuing MA's:

Dandelion Toombs (Dalhousie)
Interests: Epistemology, Feminist Philosophy

Annie Haider (Part-time)