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Department News

  • The department notes with sadness the passing of Terrance Tomkow. Terry was a professor in the department from the mid-70s to the early 90’s. He was a forceful influence on many of the professors and students in the department in that period, as well as in Canadian philosophy generally. He helped shape the minds of students who later became professors in various positions across the country. A brief obituary is available here: Some of his work, published and in manuscript form, much of it co-authored with his partner, Kadri Vihvelin, who also held a position in our department, and the bulk of whose career has been in the philosophy department at the University of Southern California, can be read here:
  • Andrew Fenton was recently interviewed for an animal studies podcast - Buddhist animal research ethics, on the subject, 'Re-Seeing Animal Research Ethics in Light of COVID-19'
  • Congratulations to Kate Sutherland Hartling, who has been selected as this year’s winner of the KimRilda LeBlanc Memorial Award, which recognizes outstanding interdisciplinary initiatives between the arts and the health sciences, in honour of the memory of this former graduate student in English. Kate, who received her MA in October 2022, was nominated for her MA thesis entitled “Condoms and Conditions on Consent: Upholding Intentions, Understanding, and Agency for Consensual Sex.”
  • Duncan MacInosh was recently interviewed for the CRAM Podcast—Extraordinary Ideas Unleashed, on the subject, Are You a Rational Person? 
  • Duncan MacIntosh recently delivered a guest lecture to the Naval Warfare Officer Symposium, Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Fleet, Atlantic, on philosophical theories of the self as applied to emotional intelligence, self-awareness and leadership.
  • Congratulations to Dr. Francoise Baylis, recipient of the 2022 Killam Prize.
  • Congratulations our PhD Student Lara Millman is one of the Open Thinkers 2022. More information can be found via the Open Thinkers Blog.
  • Clarisse Paron (PhD); and Tejas Pandya (MA) participated in the TEDxDalhousieU 2022 event.
    Watch Tejas' video HERE
    Watch Clarisse's video  

Recent Publications

  • Duncan MacIntosh's essay, “We Have Met the Grey Zone and He is Us: How Grey Zone Warfare Exploits Our Undecidedness about What Matters To Us”, was published in April 2024 in Regan and Sari, eds., Hybrid Threats and Grey Zone Conflict: The Challenge to Liberal Democracies with Oxford University Press.
  • In January, Duncan MacIntosh's paper, “The Convergence of National Rational Self-Interest and Justice in Space Policy: Extending the Contractarian Reduction of Morality to Rationality Into The Final Frontier”, was published in The Final Frontier: Ethical and Philosophical Issues of Space Travel and Colonization, a special issue of The International Journal of Applied Philosophy.
  • In November, Duncan MacIntosh's essay, "Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Weaponized: A Theory of Moral Injury", was published as a chapter in McDaniel, Seamone, and Xenakis, eds., Preventing and Treating the Invisible Wounds of War: Combat Trauma, Moral Injury, and Psychological Health (Oxford University Press, 2023).
  • Scaffolds and scaffolding: an explanatory strategy in evolutionary biology” by Celso Neto (past Philosophy postdoc, currently at Exeter University), Letitia Meynell, and Chris Jones has been published in Biology and Philosophy.
  • Duncan MacIntosh's essay, “The Sniper and the Psychopath: A Parable in Defense of the Weapons Industry”, has been published in Schoeni and Vestner, eds., Ethical Dilemmas in the Global Defense Industry with Oxford.
  • “Simplicity in Wittgenstein’s 1929 Manuscripts” by Michael Hymers recently appeared in Wittgenstein’s Philosophy in 1929, edited by Florian Franken Figueiredo (New York: Routledge, 2023). 
  • Tyler Hildebrand’s book Laws of Nature has been published by Cambridge University Press as part of the Elements in Metaphysics series. The electronic version is free until 16 March 2023.
  • Tejas Pandya (MA), published an Op-Ed in the Hamilton Reporter.
  • An article by Clarisse Paron (PhD) has been published in The Conversation.
  • Congratulations to Andrew Fenton on his recent publication: Vaughan Black, Andrew Fenton, and Elisabeth Ormandy. Protecting Canada's Lab Animals: The Need for Legislation. Animals 2022; 12(6): 770
  • Congratulations to Dr. Steve Maitzen, Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at Dalhousie, and W. G. Clark Professor of Philosophy at Acadia University on the publication of his book, Determinism, Death and Meaning (Routledge)
  • Congratulations to Clarisse Paron (PhD), on the recent publication of her paper: "Evidence,Testimony, and Trust: How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Exacerbating the Crisis of Trust in Science