Faculty & Staff

Our faculty are highly regarded and respected researchers and academics with expertise in diverse fields of study. They have published and presented internationally.  
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Department Chair  

Dr. Duncan MacIntosh duncanm@dal.ca 902.494.3539

Graduate Advisor

Dr. Greg Scherkoske 
greg.scherkoske@dal.ca 902.494.3520   

Honours Advisor

Dr. Chike Jeffers chike.jeffers@dal.ca 902.494.3547

Undergraduate Advisor

Dr. Kirstin Borgerson kirstin.borgerson@dal.ca  

Transfer Credit Assessment

Dr. Tyler Hildebrand hildebrand@dal.ca  


Michael Hymers mhymers@dal.ca 902.494.3548
Duncan MacIntosh duncanm@dal.ca 902.494.3539

Associate Professors

Darren Abramson da@dal.ca use e-mail
Kirstin Borgerson kirstin.borgerson@dal.ca 902.494.3338
Chike Jeffers chike.jeffers@dal.ca 902.494.3547
Letitia Meynell letitia.meynell@dal.ca 902.494.3536
Greg Scherkoske greg.scherkoske@dal.ca 902.494.3520

Assistant Professors

Andrew Fenton atf@dal.ca 902.494.3538
Tyler Hildebrand hildebrand@dal.ca

Assistant Professors - Limited Term

Stephanie Kapusta stephanie.kapusta@dal.ca 902.494.3541


Julia Watt