Graduate Programs


We encourage applicants to have material submitted by January 15th.
The absolute deadline for receipt of applications is January 31st.

PhD Program

The Doctoral (PhD) Program is for students who have an MA in philosophy.  Requirements may vary according to individual needs, but include several classes, comprehensive exams, and a thesis. We expect all graduate students to participate in undergraduate instruction through Assistantships and/or Instructorships.

All students who are admitted to this program:

  • must show evidence of outstanding ability in philosophy,
  • have applied for external funding such as a SSHRCC or Killam fellowship,
  • have a record of achievement that makes it reasonably likely that they will receive such funding,
  • have satisfactorily completed their MA by the time they begin their doctoral program. 

Our Doctoral program is small, but extremely successful. The great majority (about 85%) of our PhD graduates have received tenure-track appointments or other jobs for which their qualifications were considered essential.
Average completion time
for the degree is about five and a half years.

MA Program

The Master of Arts (MA) Program in Philosophy is for students enrolled in the four-year Canadian honours BA in philosophy or the equivalent. Students will traditionally take three classes during each of the fall and winter terms, and write a thesis during the summer term following classes.
Many of our MA students have gone on to PhD programs in Canada and the United States, including: Alberta, Calgary, McGill, Toronto, Queen's Western Ontario, UBC, York, Columbia, Connecticut, Cornell, DUNY, Johns Hopkins, Maryland, North Carolina, Rochester, Rutgers, and Syracuse.
Average completion time for the degree is approximately 13 months.

For detailed information to the Philosophy MA or PhD program, please refer to:


Full-time MA students not receiving other funding normally receive a fellowship/teaching assistantship. Approximately 20% of our MA students have been awarded a Killam Fellowship. Canadian applicants to the MA program are strongly encouraged to apply for funding from SSHRCC.

MA Degree Options

A part-time MA over a longer period for fully-qualified MA students;

The two-year MA is for students with an honours degree, or the equivalent, in a related field with substantial philosophy training; 

Special Student Status for those who want to take some graduate courses, but not in a degree program.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Greg Scherkoske
Graduate Coordinator
(902) 494-3520