Graduate Course Offerings

Please note that instructor and course information is subject to change, Please refer to the Academic Timetable for any last minute changes.

Course Descriptions


Fall Classes 2023: Consult Academic Timetable for any changes

Class     Instructor
PHIL 5055 Topics in Epistemology Ramsoomair
PHIL 5105 Ethics Scherkoske
PHIL 5220 Contemporary Philosophical Issues Kapusta
PHIL 5445 The Mind-Body Problem Fortney
PHIL 5520 Philosophy of Social Science LaCroix
PHIL 5640 20th Century Philosophy
PHIL 5801 Ethics and Health Care Reid

Winter Classes 2024: Consult Academic Timetable fo any changes

PHIL 5051 Epistemology Hildebrand    
PHIL 5110 Ethics: Plato to Epicurus Scherkoske    
PHIL 5120 Theory of Rational Decision
PHIL 5170 Contemporary Feminist Theories Kapusta    
PHIL 5190 Topics in History of Philosophy 1  Hymers    
PHIL 5211 Philosophy of Law
PHIL 5420 Philosophy of Biology Meynell    
PHIL 5476 Liberalism and Global Justice Ramsoomair    
PHIL 5700 Philosophy of Race Jeffers    

The Philosophy Department offers three different kinds of graduate courses, as follows:

General Classes

General classes survey a wide range of topics and are designed to acquaint students with the major theories and developments in a field. They are suitable for those who have not specialized in the field as an undergraduate.

Seminar Classes

Seminar classes, which assume some previous exposure to the subject, are central to the graduate program. These seminars are designed to deepen the student's understanding of an area by focusing on a specific theme or problem.

Students in the MA program must take a minimum of three half-year seminar classes (9 credit hours) as part of their total (18 credit hours). Students in the PhD program must take at least four half-year seminar classes (12 credit hours) as part of their total (18 credit hours).


Directed Study Classes

Directed Study classes are developed jointly by a student and the instructor in special cases to suit individual interests and needs. These classes are subject to departmental approval.  If you are interested in a directed study course, please contact the Graduate Coordinator.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Greg Scherkoske
Graduate Coordinator  
(902) 494-3520

Kenneth Harvie
Graduate Administrative Assistant
(902) 494-3810