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Course Offerings

Below you will find the philosophy courses scheduled for 2017/2018 academic year.

PLEASE NOTE: Instructor and course information is subject to change, Please refer to the Academic Timetable for any last minute changes.

Fall Classes 2017

Class Instructor Days Time Location

PHIL 1000X: Intro to Philosophy

Jeffers MWF 13:35-14:25 TBD
PHIL 1010X: Intro to Phil - 01 Hymers MWF 10:35-11:25
PHIL 1010X: Intro to Phil - 02
Kapusta TR 10:05-11:25 TBD
PHIL 1050: Ethics in Science Borgerson R 14:35- 17:25 TBD
PHIL 2081: Ehtics in World of Business Julia Watt on-line delivery 
PHIL 2130: Logic Hildebrand TR 10:05-11:35 TBD
PHIL 2160: Issues of Feminism Kapusta MWF 8:35-9:25 TBD
PHIL 2205: Philosophy of Religion Fenton MW 14:35-15:55 TBD
PHIL 2210: Foundations in Political Thought
Firmini MW 16:05-17:25 TBD
PHIL 2365: Philosophy on Trial Diamond
13:35- 14:25 TBD
PHIL 2475: Justice in Global Perspective Kapusta MWF 14:35-15:25 TBD
PHIL 2490: Soc/Ethi/Prof Issues in Csci Abramson TR 14:35-15:55
PHIL 2720: The Good Life
TR 13;05-14:25 TBD
PHIL 2805: Ethics and Hlth Care - Patient Care Borgerson
TR 10:05-11:25
PHIL 3051: Epistemology
Hildebrand MW
13;05-14:25 TBD
PHIL 3105: Ethics Scherkoske TR 16:05-17:25 TBD
PHIL 3300: Philosophy of Language
Hymers W 14:35-17:25 TBD
PHIL 3420: Philosophy of Biology
Meynell TR 10:05-11:25
Phil 4120: Theory of Rational Decision
MacIntosh M 9:35-12:25 TBD
PHIL 4700: Philosophy of Race
Jeffers M
13:05-15:55 TBD

Winter Classes 2018

Class Instructor        Days Time Location
PHIL 1000Y: Intro to Philosophy MacIntosh MWF 13:35-14:25  
PHIL 1010Y (01): Intro to Philosophy    Watt MWF 10:35-11:25  
PHIL 1010Y (02): Intro to Philosophy   Hildebrand TR 10:05-11:25  
PHIL 2020: Legal Thinking Scherkoske TR 13:05-14:25  
PHIL 2165: Philosophy and the Black Experience
PHIL 2220: Foudation of Political Thought 1789-1900
Firmini MW 14:35-15:55  
PHIL 2260: Philosophy of Art Jeffers
TR 10:05-11:25  
PHIL 2480: Environmental Ethics Kapusta TR 16:05-17:25  
PHIL 2560: Intro to Cognitive Science
Nelson TR 14:35-15:55  
PHIL 2610: History of Phil - The Rationalists Hymers MWF 11:35-12:25  
PHIL 2660:Scientific Reasoning Watt
MWF 9:35-10:25  
PHIL 2680: Ethics in Science
MWF 13:35-14:25  
PHIL 2810: Ethics in Health Care: Social Policy
Bingeman TR 10:05-11:25  
PHIL 3106: Animal Ethics
MW 10:05-11:25  
PHIL 3170: Contemporary Feminist Theories Kapusta MWF 14:35-15:25  
PHIL 3520: Philosophy of Social Science Hymers W
PHIL 4191: Topics in History of Phil II
PHIL 4801: Topics in Health Care Ethics
Reid R 14:35-17:25  

For more information, please contact:

Undergraduate Advisor:
Dr. Kirstin Borgerson

Honours Advisor
Dr. Chike Jeffers
(902) 494-3547