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How to prepare for course registration!

We want to help you create a course schedule that meets your program requirements, considers your academic and career goals, and helps you make the most out of your degree.

Check out these resources to help you prepare for registration:

Returning student registration dates:

Date for 2023 will be updated when available.

For a complete list of important dates, click here.

Register on Track Video Series!

Choosing your courses is an exciting part of the university experience. In this video series we will outline some things you should be doing and considering in preparation for registration.

How to Declare your Major and/or Minor

How to Make the Most of your Electives



Honours Planning 101

Degree Planning on a Post-It Note

Navigating the Academic Calendar: The Only Document You'll Ever Need

What Can I Do With My Degree?


Make an appointment with an advisor!

Continuing in Arts or Science on the Halifax campus? Advisors in the Bissett Student Success Centre in Halifax would be happy to meet with you remotely to talk about your goals, and to provide advice on course selection, registration, etc. To book an appointment call us at 902-494-3077.

Want to speak with a Faculty Advisor? A complete list of contacts can be found here:

If you are going to be starting on our Truro Campus, visit our Student Success Centre page for more information.