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Stay on Track

Stay on Track is a student success program offered for first- and second-year students, in all undergraduate faculties at Dalhousie.

You begin by taking Strengths Finder, an online assessment designed to identify your talents and strengths (for free!). You will then be paired with a student success advisor who will work with you to develop academic, career, and engagement goals, based on your strengths that were identified.  

You will have at least three meetings with your advisor throughout the term, each one directed by your unique needs and goals. Appointments will range from 30 minutes to an hour. If you want to meet with your advisor more than three times, you are encouraged to do so!

Are you a faculty or staff member who has a student you think would benefit from Stay on Track? Let us know!

Frequently asked questions

What will I do as part of the Stay on Track program?

  • You'll take the Strengths Finder, and work with your student success advisor to identify and achieve goals
  • You'll learn how to identify your strengths and how to create SMART goals
  • You'll identify classes and make career plans that align with your personal goals and interests
  • You'll discover leadership opportunities that connect with your academic and career goals
  • You'll learn tips on how to be mindful and engage with your program and the campus

Why should I register for Stay on Track?

  • By identifying your strengths, working through individualized educational plans and identifying goals, Stay on Track will help you make the most of your experience at Dal!
  • You get to take the Strengths Finder assessment for free.
  • You'll make intentional goals that are relevant to YOU!
  • You'll learn how to apply your strengths and talents

What is the time commitment of the program?

  • You'lll meet with your student success advisor at least three times throughout the first semester. Each appointment will range from 30–60 minutes. The number of appointments will depend on you and your personalized goals!

Is there a cost to participating?

  • The Stay on Track program is FREE to first- and second-year students!

Is there a deadline to participate?

  • No, you can start Stay on Track whenever works for you, up until the last day of classes. 

Will I receive academic credit for participating in Stay on Track?

  • Stay on Track is not an academic program so you won't receive academic credit for your involvement, but it will appear on your co-curricular record.