Indigenous Connection


Dalhousie University is located in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq. We are all Treaty people.


Indigenous Studies students
  • Indigenous Studies Minor
    Learn about topics ranging from treaties to residential schools to land and resource issues.
  • Indigenous Black and Mi'kmaq Initiative
    This Schulich School of Law initiative works to increase representation of Indigenous Blacks and Mi'kmaq in the legal profession in order to reduce discrimination.
  • Transition Year Program (TYP)
    The TYP began in 1970 with a mandate to increase the access and the successful participation of Aboriginal and Black students at Dalhousie University.

Campus Life

annual Mawio'mi

Past events

Oct 6th, 2023: Joy of Jigging A Movement Masterclass with Jeanette Kotowich. A Métis inspired movement workshop exploring the dance’s relationship with the fiddle music. 

Oct 12th, 2023: Indigenous Blacks & Mi’kmaq Initiative Info Session & LSAT Prep

June 15, 2023: Indigenous Research: The Expanding Circle

March 9th, 2023: Panel Discussion on Unacknowledged Roots of Narrative Practice

March 23rd, 2023: Indigenous Centred Approaches to Health and Wellness

Oct 27: Film Screening: The Secret Path

Oct 5: Dalhousie’s 12th Annual Mawio’mi

Sept 21, 2022: Dal Science Welcome Celebration: Indigenous students

April 27, 2022 : Reclaiming Balance: Indigenous Women’s Stewardship

March 3, 2022: The 2021-22 Shaar Shalom Lecture featuring Cindy Blackstock, PhD

Jan 13, 2021: Entering the Paradigm of First Nations Economic Empowerment

Dec 1, 2021: KI’KWA’JU: Reimagining Prokofiev’s Peter & the Wolf

Nov 24, 2021: Embracing Diversity: The Change We Need

Nov 19, 2021: Human Rights and Equity Conference

Oct 28, 2021: Calls to Justice of the MMIWG Inquiry

Oct 15, 2021: A Seat at the Table

Oct 14, 2021: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action

Oct 13, 2021: Dalhousie’s 11th Annual Mawio’mi

Sep 29, 2021: The Secret Path Film Screening

June 24, 2021: Speak Truth to Power Forum: They found us & we are coming home - The truth about residential schools

June 8, 2021: WATER: An Atlantic Indigenous Women's Entrepreneurship Roundtable

Feb 11, 2021: Atlantic Canada Book Launch for N’in D’La Owey Innklan: Mi’kmaq Sojourns in England by Bonita Lawrence

Feb 26, 2021: Open consultation forum: Indigenous faculty

November 26, 2020: Reclaiming Power and Place - Virtual Read

November 19, 2020.: Reclaiming Power and Place - Virtual Read

November 14, 2020: Agnutmaqan (Stories) from Mi'kma'ki: Online Webinar Conversation

November 12, 2020: Reclaiming Power and Place - Virtual Read

November 5, 2020: Reclaiming Power and Place - Virtual Read

October 29, 2020.: Reclaiming Power and Place - Virtual Read

October 29, 2020: Indigenous Dance: Movement in History and Today With Sophie Pheasant

October 29, 2020: Speak Truth to Power: Living the Peace & Friendship Treaty through Netukulimk

October 21, 2020: Panel Discussion on: ‘INTERROGATING WHITENESS’ (1)

October 15 & 22, 2020: Reclaiming Power and Place - Virtual Read

October 14, 2020: There's Something in the Water Movie Screening with Ingrid Waldron and David Suzuki

October 7, 2020: Environmental Racism—There’s Something in the Water

September 30, 2020: Orange Shirt Day—Every Child Matters

March 6, 2020: Public Screening of ‘Birth of a Family’ and Conversations with Filmmaker Tasha Hubbard

January 30, 9:30 a.m. (this is a weekly event that also gathers on February 6, 13, 20, 27; March 5, 12, 19, 26; and April 2): Dalhousie Reading Circle Reclaiming Power and Place: The Final Report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

January 30, 2020: Decolonizing (≠ Reconciling:) Science, Technology and Indigenous Relations  

January 15, 2020: Artist Talk with Michelle Sylliboy

January 16, 2020: Komqwejwi’kasikl (hieroglyphic) Birch Bark Workshop with Michelle Sylliboy 

November 7, 2019: Reconciliation and Repatriation on Haida Gwaii: Reconsidering Museum Collections and Community Engagement

October 17, 2019: Talking Circle-Speaking for Change (Indigenous Student Centre)

October 17, 2019: Decolonial Café (Indigenous Student Centre)

September 30, 2019: 10th Annual Dalhousie Mawio'mi

September 19, 2019: Decolonial Cafe-What is meant by these words

June 6, 2019: Ethics in Research With Indigenous Peoples  

March 21, 2019: Weld Kernohan Lecture: Indigenous Perspectives in Western Medicine

March 21, 2019: Culture and Power: IndigeKen Caine: Environmental Governance of Great Bear Lake, Northest Territories 

November 22, 2018: ESS LECTURE SERIES: Social Determinants of Health Among Indigenous Peoples 

November 15, 2018.: Symposium: Indigenous Knowledge & Access

October 12, 2018: Nanabozho's Sisters - Opening Reception and Curator's Tour

October 11, 2018: Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Legacy Space Launch

October 11, 2018: 9th Annual Mawio'mi

October 3, 2018: From Africville to Alton Gas: A Pop-Up Book Launch for There's Something in the Water: Environmental Racism in Indigenous & Black Communities

October 2, 2018: Policy Matters: Whose Nation? Navigating a new era in Crown-Indigenous relations

September 28, 2018: Public Lecture – Iqaluit Mayor Madeleine Redfern

September 13, 2018: Two-Eyed Seeing and Sustainability by Elder Albert Marshall of Eskasoni First Nation in Cape Breton

September 7, 2018: Building Belonging: Reconciliation In Post-secondary Education 

September 5, 2018: Belong Forum: Senator Murray Sinclair

May 25, 2018: Mahone Bay Launch of “There’s Something in the Water: Environmental Racism in Indigenous and Black Communities”

April 19, 2018: Building Belonging: Embedding Indigenous Content and Ways of Knowing in Learning and Teaching

April 17, 2018: Belong Forum: Buffy Sainte-Marie

April 4, 2018: Local Struggles for Justice, SoSA and the Marshall Commission

March 24, 2018: CALLED TO ACTION: Living Reconciliation Through Song

March 2, 2018: Discussion on Equity & Inclusion for Indigenous students

February 28, 2018: Indigenous student feedback session

February 15, 2018: Improving Campus Equity & Inclusion For All Students

February 14, 2018: Improving Campus Equity & Inclusion For Self-Identified Racialized Students

February 6, 2018: Bicentennial Launch

January 31, 2018: Improving Campus Equity & Inclusion: For Self-Identified Indigenous Students

November 14, 2017: Shake-up 150: an Indigenous Perspective of Canada 150 Panel Discussion

November 9, 2017: Remembering Turtle Grove/Across the Narrows

October 27, 2017: Symposium pt2—Over the Line: A Conversation About Race, Place & The Environment

October 26, 2017: Symposium pt1—Over the Line: A Conversation About Race, Place & The Environment

October 26, 2017: Medicine Unbundled and the Politics of Disease: The Story of Indigenous Health Care in Canada

October 23, 2017: Lecture by Dr. Daniel Paul, 2017 Dal Reads Author

October 18, 2017: Book Launch of Daniel Paul: Mi’kmaw Elder

October 16, 2017: Dalhousie's 8th Annual Mawio'mi

October 13, 2017: Decolonizing Feminism: From Reproductive Abuse to Reproductive Justice - Health Law and Policy Seminar Series (Cosponsored with Dalhousie's Chancellor's Chair in Aboriginal Law and Policy)

October 4, 2017.: Mi'kmaq History Month: Grand Council Flag Raising (Truro)

October 4, 2017: Mi'kmaq History Month: Guest Speaker Gerald Gloade (Truro)

September 28, 2017.: Steps to Reconcilliation

September 28, 2017: New Acquisitions: The Mustang Suite Mi'kmaq welcome with Catherine Martin

May 17, 2017: Indigenizing the academy - Marie Battiste

March 7, 2017: Community Health & Epidemiology: Income-related inequalities in health among Canadian Indigenous populations: 2001-2012; Mohammad Hajizadeh, PhD at al.

March 7, 2017: Race, Place & the Law: Perspectives on Environmental Racism, Grassroots Resistance, and Law and Policy in Nova Scotia 

February 14, 2017.: Community Health & Epidemiology Seminar Series - Income-related inequalities in health among Canadian Indigenous populations: 2001-2012, Dr. Mohammad Hajizadeh at al.

January 23, 2016.: 2017 Dalhousie-Horrocks National Leadership Lecture, Beyond Colonialism? Libraries for a Canada We Don't Yet Know (Co-sponsored by Halifax Public Libraries)

January 12, 2016: ESS Lecture Series: Film Screening and Skype Discussion: Fractured Land (2015) with Caleb Behn

November 30, 2016: Tobacco Tie Workshop

November 29, 2016: The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fundraiser

November 24, 2016: GWST Free Public Lectures/Classes: NAIOMI METALLIC, Dalhousie (Faculty of Law), Aboriginal Women: Decolonization and the Impact of the Indian Act

November 9, 2016: Racism: Indigenous Perspectives

October 31, 2016: Brad Firth - Caribou Legs

October 25, 2016: Blanket Ceremony hosted by the Transition Year Program.

October 6, 2016: Mi'kmaq Grand Council Flag Raising Ceremony

October 6, 2016: 7th Annual Mawio'mi  

September 30, 2016: Orange Shirt Day in recognition of the harm done by the residential school system & Dalhousie Elders in Residence presents a Mass Blanket Exercise

August 22, 2016: Dalhousie Elders in Residence Presents the Blanket Exercise

August 9, 2016: Dalhousie Elders in Residence Presents the Blanket Exercise 

June 10, 2016: Mi'kmaq Grand Council Flag installed on Dal's Agricultural Campus

May 16, 2016: Panel discussion: Truth and Reconciliation in Action

April 19, 2016: Decolonizing the Academy: Responding to the TRC Calls to Action

March 11, 2016: Elders Hosting Cultural Sharing Circle - CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER

March 4, 2016: Bringing an Indigenous Sensibility into the Classroom

March 4, 2016: A Primer on Indigenous Research Methodologies

March 2, 2016: Traditional Indigenous Health and Western Medicine

February 24, 2016: Racism: White, Black, Indigenous and Immigrant Perspectives

January 30, 2016: Wab Kinew: The Reason You Walk Speaking Engagement

January 21, 2016: The Maliseet First Nation and Maize: Jason Hall's Work on "Maliseet Cultivation and Climatic Resilience"

January 21, 2016: ESS LECTURE SERIES: Miles Howe -- Debriefing Elsipogtog: The Anatomy of a Struggle

January 15, 2016: Dalhousie Health Law and Policy Seminar - Historical Trauma Among Aboriginal Peoples: Implications for Improving Well-Being

November 4, 2015: Inuit Perspectives on Health and the Arts

October 15, 2015: ESS LECTURE SERIES: Toxic Places: Environmental Racism in Mi'kmaw & African Nova Scotian Communities

October 7, 2015: Presentation - Two-Spirit Mental Health and Cultural Continuity

October 14: Animating Mi’kmaw Humanities in Atlantic Universities: From Research to Practice

September 30, 2015: 6th Annual Mawio'mi

September 22, 2015: Looking at history to promote progress in the future: Interdisciplinary research exploring historical and contemporary determinants of health among Indigenous peoples

September 16, 2015: Presentation - Wabanaki: A new dawn for community-based Indigenous research and learning at Dalhousie

July 28, 2015: Connecting the Dots: Confronting Environmental Racism in Nova Scotia