Executive Committee

Peter Arthur
Political Science
Capacity development, good governance, and socioeconomic development in Africa
David Black
Political Science
Human rights in the foreign policies of South Africa and Canada, Canadian policy towards Africa, and sport and world politics
Brian Bow
Political Science
Security policy coordination, regional cooperation, North America, and Canada-US relations
John Cameron
International Development Studies
Development theory, indigenous local government in Latin America, and rural development in Latin America
Leah Sarson
Political Science
Canadian foreign policy, feminist theory and research methods, and global indigenous politics
Shelly Whitman
Dallaire Institute
Child soldiers, peace, human security, development, and international institutions
Ruben Zaiotti
Political Science/JMEUCE
International security, border control, immigration policy, European Union foreign policy, and transatlantic relations

Faculty Fellows

Jennifer Baechler
Rowe School of Business
Security-development nexus, civil-military coordination, peacebuilding and post-conflict reconstruction, organizational design and culture
Kiran Banerjee
Political Science
Migration, Refugees, Citizenship, History of Political Thought, International Ethics, International Relations, Political Theory
Aldo Chircop
Law, Marine Affairs
Ocean policy and law, Arctic shipping, and maritime law
Margaret Denike
Political Science, GWST
Human rights
Robert G. Finbow
Political Science
Political economy, trade and social policy, Canada-EU Trade Agreement, regional politics in Canada
Anders Hayden
Political Science
Politics of climate change, critical perspectives on economic growth, alternative economic indicators
Jennifer Llewellyn
Restorative justice, human rights, international law, and feminist legal theory 
Matthew Schnurr
International Development Studies
Agricultural biotechnology in Africa, environmental security and conflict, and histories of development 

Research Fellows

Nafisa Abdulhamid
Research Network on Women, Peace and Security (RN-WPS)
Humanitarian intervention, Salafi-jihadist organizations in the Middle East and North Africa, gender and development, approaches to development in the Global South.
Erin Baines
University of British Columbia
Transitional justice, humanitarianism and forced displacement, gender and armed conflict
Gabrielle Bardall
Herizon Democracy
International elections and democracy assistance, conflict and election violence, women's political participation, technology and disinformation, hybrid regimes and electoral systems
David Beitelman US-China relations, IR theory (esp. trust), Canadian and US foreign and defence policies.
Jean-Christophe Boucher
University of Calgary
Canadian foreign and defence policy, media and public opinion, conflict analysis
Timothy Hiu-Tung Choi
University of Calgary
Seapower, Maritime Strategy, Strategic Theory, Maritime Security, Naval History, UNCLOS, Scandinavia, Mine Warfare, Shipbuilding, Nordic
Sean Clark
Hearne Group
Political economy of international security, rise and fall of great powers, history, political leadership
Marc Doucet
St. Mary's University
Critical security studies, governmentality, contemporary international interventions, peacekeeping reform, protection of civilians
Maya Eichler
Mount Saint Vincent University
Gender and armed forces, veterans, foreign and defence policy, community-engaged research on war
Aaron Ettinger
University of Waterloo
IR theory, neoliberalism, military privatization
J. Andrew Grant
Queen's University
African security, conflict and cooperation in natural resource sectors, non-state armed groups, and post-conflict reconstruction
Steven Holloway
StFX (ret'd)
Canadian foreign policy, international organizations
Sabrina Hoque
International development, international organizations, governance
Robert Huebert
University of Calgary
Canadian defence and foreign policy, circumpolar relations, and ocean governance
Kristi Kenyon
University of Winnipeg
Human rights, civil society, health, sub-Saharan Africa, development
Adam Lajeunesse
Arctic history, policy, and security issues
Jamie Levin
International relations theory, peacekeeping, disarmament, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
George MacLean
University of New Brunswick
Canadian foreign policy, human security, non-proliferation initiatives, and multilateralism
John Mitton International security, international rivalry, civil conflict, foreign policy and coercive diplomacy
Can E. Mutlu
Acadia University
Border Security; Technology, Architecture and Design; Immigration, Refugee, and Asylum Policies in Europe and the Middle East, Research Methods in Critical Security Studies.
David Perry
Canadian Global Affairs Institute
Canadian defence policy, defence procurement and finance
Heather Smith
University of Northern British Columbia
Canadian foreign policy, creative pedagogy, feminist research, indigenous issues
Leigh Spanner
St. Mary's University 
Feminist approaches to national security, the military, and veteran life in Canada, feminist political economy, IR in everyday life
Carla Suarez
Banting Fellow, CCDP
Civilian agency during and after armed conflict, critical theory, Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America
Larry Swatuk
University of Waterloo
Africa, environmental and natural resource governance, esp. water resources 
Susan Thomson
Colgate University
State-society relations in Africa, esp. in post-conflict countries, Kenya, Rwanda
Roger Thompson
Kyung Hee University (Retired)
U.S. Navy, naval bureaucratic politics, military incompetence, military sociology, civic education, ethics, corruption in the Military Industrial Complex
Rebecca Tiessen
University of Ottawa
Experiential learning, Canada's promotion of women's rights and gender equality abroad
Brian Tomlinson
CCIC (ret'd)
Official development assistance, civil society organizations in development cooperation
Alex Wilner
Deterrence theory, terrorism and counterterrorism, intelligence studies, national security policy, strategic foresight

Doctoral Fellows                                 

Andrew Bergel

Global market volatility and political decision-making
Grant Curtis
Development theory, the security-development nexus, fragile/failed states, peacebuilding, institutional development, civil society 
Andrea Lane

Maritime security, civil-military relations, defence policy and procurement

Michelle Legassicke

Conflict and conflict resolution, rebel/armed groups, women and children in armed conflict, weak and failed states, international organizations and NGOs

Adam MacDonald

International Relations theory, Security and Strategic studies, Canadian Defence and Foreign Policy, Military Regimes and Tutelary Governance systems

Elikem Tsamenyi

Regional organizations, African development issues, natural resource governance, African regional security, peace & conflict and sanctions