Volume XXV (December 2007)

Table of Contents

Elizabeth Baxter - The 'New Sappho' and the Phaedo: Reflections on Immortality

Adam Wood - Names and "Cutting Being at the Joints" in the Cratylus

Kyle A. Fraser - Baptised in Gnosis: The Spiritual Alchemy of Zosimos of Panopolis

Atsushi Sumi - Plotinus on Matter's Partcipation in the Forms

Jean-Marc Narbonne - A Doctrinal Evolution in Plotinus? The Weakness of the Soul in its Relation to Evil

Ritsuko Okano - Philosophical Grounds for Mystical Intuition in Plotinus

Eric D. Perl - Why is Beauty Form? Plotinus' Theory of Beauty in Phenomenological Perspective

Adam Labecki - The One and the Many: Part II: The Many

Gyöngyi Hegedus - Where is Paradise? Eschatology in Early Medieval Judaic and Islamic Thought

Denis J.M. Bradley - Reading Aquinas as a Theologian: The Hermeneutics of some Medievalists Old and New