Volume XXVIII (December 2010)

Table of Contents

Wayne Hankey — Robert Darwin Crouse

Eleni Kaklamanou — An Old Academic on Rhetoric: The Example of Xenocrates

Emily Parker — Philo of Alexandria's Logos and Life of Moses

John F. Finamore — Themistius' Doctrine of the Three Intellects

Tuomo Lankila — Henadology in the Two Theologies of Proclus

Stephen Gersh — Dionysius' On Divine Names Revisited: A Structural Analysis

Timothy Riggs — Erôs, the Son, and the Gods as Metaphysical Principles in Proclus and Dionysius

Matthew D. Walz — The "Logic" of Faith Seeking Understanding: A Propaedeutic for Anselm's Proslogion

Eric D. Perl — Neither One Nor Many: God and the Gods in Plotinus, Proclus and Aquinas