Volume XXXVI (December 2018)

Nicholas Thorne - Socratic Wisdom in the Gorgias and the Republic

Michael Fournier - Epicurus' Panpsychism

Emily Parker - A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place: The Importance of Reason and Order in Philo of Alexandria

Daniel Heide - σῶμα ψυχικον͵ σῶμα πνευματικόν: The Fate of Bodies in Origen and Eriugena

Elizabeth King - The Anagogy of Virtue in Enneads I, 2 [19] and its Legacy

Aaron Higgins-Brake - "We Too Are Kings": Plotinus on the Self and God

Nathan McAllister - The Soul as Limit: Iamblichus' Doctrine of the Soul and the Beginning of Wisdom

Simon Fortier - Proclus on θεός

Mathew Wood - Similarity and Difference in Proclus' Theory of the Symbol

Rebecca Coughlin - Uniting with Divine Wisdom: theurgic prayer and religious practice in Dionysius and Marsilio Ficino

David Curry - Redire ad principia: The Dance of Apophatic and Kataphatic theology in Lancelot Andrewes

Matthew Furlong - The Liturgy of Place: Theophany and Liberal Arts from Eriugena to Deleuze

Evan King - Berthold of Moosburg on Intellect and the One of the Soul

Daniel James Watson - A Law beyond Grace in The Prologue to Senchas Mar