Volume XXXII (December 2014)

Table of Contents


Justin Singer - The Root of All Dimensions: Examining Plato's Teachings on the Mathematical Foundations of Knowing and Being

Louise Rodrigue - The Virtue of Gentleness in Aristotle's Ethics

M. Jason Reddoch - Cicero's De Divinatione and Philo of Alexandria's Criticism of Chaldean Astrology as a form of Artificial Divination

Hugh Hunter - Lucretius on Swerves and Freedom

Kevin Corrigan - How did Aristotle's Unmoved Mover come to love everything by the end of the ancient pagan tradition?

Felipe de Azevedo Ramos - The Metaphysics of Light in the Aesthetics of Suger of Saint-Denis

Marie-√Člise Zovko - Impassioned by Passion: Knowledge and Love in Plato and Spinoza

Hadi Fakhouri - Henri Corbin and Russian Religious Thought: Part I