Volume XXIX (December 2011)

Table of Contents

Papers selected from the Colloquia-Panels at the Classical Association of Canada Annual Meeting at Dalhousie University, May 10-12, 2011.

On Self

Seamus O'Neill — 'You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive': Demonic Agency in Augustine

D. Gregory MacIsaac — The Nous of the Partial Soul in Proclus' Commentary on the First Alcibiades of Plato

Timothy Riggs — Elements of the Authentic Self in Fārābī: Between Alexander and Proclus

Matthew Robinson — Individual Agency in Bonaventure's Account of Natural Knowledge

Evan King — The Priority of Iustitia for Meister Eckhart

Peter Bullerwell — Doing and Seeing in Meister Eckhart and Michel Henry

On Praying and Thinking

Jennifer Otto — An Education in Virtue: Philosophical Speculation and Religious Observance in the Thought of Philo of Alexandria

Emily Parker — A Portrait of Many Colours: Philo's Account of Roman Political Administration in Alexandria

Serge Cazelais — Prière, élévation spirituelle et connaissance de Dieu chez Marius Victorinus

Eleni Pachoumi — Praying and Thinking: Religious and Philosophical Interactions in the Representations of the Abstract Deified Concept of Aion in Magical Texts from Greco-Roman Egypt

Simon Fortier — Proclus et l'orthodoxie: une réponse au travail récent de Polymnia Athanassiadi

Martin Curran — The Circular Activity of Prayer in Boethius' Consolation

Michael Fournier — Boethius pro se de magia

Martin Sastri — Sed Iohannes praecucurrit citius Petro...primo intrat Petrus in monumentum, deinde Iohannes: Eriugena's Appropriation of Dionysian Exegesis in the Homilia

Benjamin Lee — Stupefactus haesito maximoque horrore concussus titubo: Eriugena's Critical Use of Augustine on Paradise and Resurrection in the Periphyseon

W.J. Torrance Kirby — "Betwene the throne of God in heaven and his Church upon earth here militant": Instruction and Prayer in the Fifth Book of Hooker's Lawes