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Subscription costs

  • Institutional: $30
  • Individual: $25
  • Student: $20

Price includes surface postage. Airmail is an additional $6. Back issues of volumes 4 (1981) through 33 (2015) are available at $10 each plus postage. Please complete the form below and enclose it with a cheque or money order in Canadian or US funds. Or, you may fax, write or email us your order and we will invoice you.

Dionysius goes online

Beginning with the thirty-first issue, Dionysius is now published online as well as in paper. Subscribers are able to choose. Since December 2013 Dionysius has been accessible as an online journal via Dalhousie Online Journal Systems (OJS).

Subscription rates are the same for the print journal and online access. Online subscribers will have access to the current year’s journal and to the previous four years; earlier back issues will be accessible to all readers. For example, with the appearance of the 2020 journal, everything published prior to 2016 will be available at

Contact information

Department of Classics
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3H 4P9

Tel: (902).494.3468
Fax: (902).494.2467

Request a subscription

To request a subscription or a back issue, please email us, including the following information in your email:


I wish to receive volume _______ of Dionysius.

I enclose a cheque or money order for $______ for ______ copies.

Name: ___________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________

Country: ___________________________ Postal/Zip Code: ___________________

I wish to receive my volume(s) mailed by air and enclose $ _______ in addition.